Hard drive how big is to big??

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  • noni1974

    So what I have right now is 160GB of hard drive and 512MB of RAM. I have a Pentiam 4 dual processor. I don't know if my version of Windows XP is 64 bit or not. I know it's SP2. It's Dell Optiplex GX520. I bought it used because I wanted XP not Vista. I called Dell last week to ask about getting more memory for it because I didn't know when I bought it that 512MB was a small amount of RAM, my friend told me I should get more RAM. They told me I have over a year left on the warrenty and I transfered it to my name. So if anything breaks they will come to my house within 24 hours to fix it free. At least till April of 2009. I ordered back up CD's last night for Windows because I didn't get any with this computer just incase I need to reload Windows. I got those from Dell for free. So far I'm pretty happy with Dell.

    I'm pretty happy with it right now. I haven't put all of my music I have on it yet. I'm still learning how to do that because my old computer was so old I couldn't put any music on it. It only played CD's and didn't burn them. I haven't burned any CD's just yet because I don't know which kind to buy. Like I said I'm not real techy. I have some knowlage but not all that much. I'm still learning.

    I want to be able to burn DVD and CD's. Since my camera can take video I would like to make home movies for my Mom who live in a nursing home 60 miles away from me. I think it would help her feel more conected to me. I'll have to upgrade to get the DVD burner. I think I should buy the RAM first.

  • VM44

    I like the red colour of the IOmega external hard drive.

  • MsMcDucket

    I have two 300 gig external hard drives.

    You just plug them into your usb port and your computer should recognize it. Mine does with windows xp.

    Thanks for the info, Jaguarbass. My daughter said that a flash drive is like a mix of ipod and cd file saver device. They're about the length of your finger, but thinner. She says her friend has a 150 songs stored on one and that she just plugs it into her car's CD player plug-in**** like pushing in a cigarette lighter**** and that her friend has saved papers for school on the flash drive and just gave it to the teacher to transfer or print.

  • Homerovah the Almighty
    Homerovah the Almighty

    One thing Noni that you should check with Dell about is ask what type of ram is on your motherboard right now , is it DDR or DDR2

    this is important because certain motherboards can only accommodate DDR and not DDR2

    I would have to agree with Simon on possibly buying 2gigs.of ram, ( 2 x 1 gig. sticks ) ram right now is cheap so getting a little extra is a good idea and will make

    things run smoother for you , particularly when your editing video and pictures, plus if you do decide to move up to Vista you'll definitely need 2 gigs. of ram.

    Another good idea to do if your planing to store videos and pictures on your computer, is to purchase an external hard drive , and keep your video and pictures and maybe some music

    on the external one, that way if your computer crashes and you have to reinstall Windows all of your precious and important stuff wont be a loss.

    I personally am using a 500 gig. external hard drive to keep my most important data on such as video, pictures, music and important legal documents since I run a business out of my home.

  • brinjen

    I looked up your model number on the Dell website, pretty good specs, more than enough for what you plan to use it for.

    The RAM is DDR2 533Mhz, which is in plentiful supply at the moment, hard drive is SATA 2, wasn't expecting that one. It's a fairly recent system. They are also in plentiful supply.

    Your version of XP would most likely be 32 bit, either home or pro. You can find out by going into Control Panel, then double click on the 'System' icon. There it will tell you whether you're using Home or Pro edition. SP2 means you have the 2nd service pack for XP already installed.

    I'd actually aim for 2Gb (2 x 1 Gb modules) of memory, but configured as 'Dual Channel', which means you're getting 2 RAM modules to do the job of one.

    Hard drive space, you can pick up a 500Gb drive for under $100. The prices will only fall however, so if you're not desperate now I'd leave that upgrade until last.

  • noni1974

    So I got a good deal Brinjen?? I'll upgrade the RAM first then the hard drive later. I know I have XP Pro. That's what the guy told me when I bought it.

  • brinjen

    Yeah I'll call that a good deal.

  • noni1974

    I looked up the ship date for my computer it was June of 2006. The warrenty wasn't active till April of 2007. I'm assuming it wasn't bought till April of last year and quickly sold to a wholesaler in used computers where the store I bought it from got it. I first put a payment on it in August of last year and it was the best system he had in the store. I paid $300.00 for it. The DVD burner was going to cost me another 80.00 or so including instalation. Plus when I got the computer I had all my pictures and videos I had on my old computer put onto a disk and I transfreed them to my new computer as part of the deal. I didn't get the DVD player because my old computer was slowly dieing so I needed a new one fast and I didn't have the money to get it then. I'll get that after I get the RAM for it. RAM first, DVD/CD burner second, and external hard drive third. That way I can take advantage of the lower prices on the hard drive. I'm not in desprate need of a bigger hard drive at the moment. At the store I boght my computer at they have a hard drive case for external hard drives should I get one of those or will it already come with one?? I know next to nothing about computer parts and how they work. LOL

  • noni1974

    I also need a new printer becasue my old one doesn't take the paper right. My old computer stopped even reconising it and wouldn't let me print anything. I know I can get a cheep one for under 50.00. I think the printer got messed up when an M&M got stuck in it. It won't take the paper and says the paper is empty when it's not or it takes 5 sheets of paper instead of one. I was told you can get a new printer for cheeper then getting new ink. My ink dried up being that it's been over a year since I've been able to print anything.

  • brinjen

    Sounds like the system is pretty much new then, making the price a very good deal.

    If you get an external hard drive, it will come with the case. Cases are sold seperately as some like to make their own, or may have a spare hard drive lying about the place to begin with.

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