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    Hi JFreak.

    They believe jesus' parousia (they translate presence) and his coming are two different things.

    They teach he has been present (parousia) since 1914. The still celebrate the memorial because he has not "come" yet, which he supposed to do at armageddon.

    No its not an orthodox christian teaching. Not much of what they teach is.

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    Welcome JF.

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    Hi JF,

    It seems every religion has it's own ideas about what the bible means on many subjects that are sort of unclear as to what God meant to say and left it up to the holy spirit to explain it to who ever had the true holy spirit. Now the real problem is who can prove they have the holy spirit, a 1/3 part of the God Head trinity, if your religion believes in a trinity, or some force from the sky as others believe. It causes some to speak some lanquage as they roll on the floor, or maybe hold a snake. Others think it just makes them feel so good inside and able to handle any bad thing that comes their way, and sometimes heal them from some sickness. It helps others to keep them from being a bad person.

    I guess each person just has to chose what makes them feel close to an invisible entity in outer space that is just waiting to correct things here on earth, whenever that may be. Just believe all those signs that says Jesus is comming soon, or prepare to meet God and be happy.

    Ken P.

    PS. I forgot the part that you have to be a spiritual cannibal and drink Jesus's blood and eat his flesh at some religious festival and if you don't you are in for some of the hottest weather you have ever seen for the rest of your eternal life.

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    Welcome JF,

    hope you keep posted here, even though library internet is a bit limited


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    Sad emo

    Hi Jesus Freak!

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    you are smart, wish I would have bal**s and tell one of my brothers.(tm) that same dilemma

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    'ullo jesus freak - where's real one?

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