Drop Dead Gorgeous !

by Outaservice 11 Replies latest jw friends

  • Alpaca

    My ex was one of those drop dead gorgeous girls... a real head turner. And, in South Florida there were tons of hot looking girls in the Borg...especially the Hispanic sisters...OMG. But, I don't think I was particularly geeky looking.

    It didn't do me any good though, being married to a drop dead gorgeous woman. The Borg made sure of that with their bedroom laws and general prudishness about sex.

    My ex was a virgin (raised in the Borg) who didn't believe in sex before marriage. The problem was that marriage didn't change her mind...she still didn't believe in sex. It few and far between.

    Alas, a wasted youth.....


  • LouBelle

    Try a ratio of 7 sisters to 1 brother - no I wasn't even going to bother with going out the brothers because they thought they were gods' gift - I let them know that I wasn't interested, but then again I also did want to try with them, all these women trying to get exclusive attention.- so I chose to go out with wordly guys plus I'm not drop dead gorgeous.

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