Suggestion for the God

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  • watson

    Why don't you "abyss" the devil for a thousand years. Let everyone know how you exist and give us the basic principles you want us to live by, check in once in a while, and let it roll for a thousand years. At the end of a thousand years working together, turn the devil loose for a couple months. Any one that sides up with the devil gets raptured away.

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  • Velvetann

    I wish we could ask God these kind of questions and get a straight answer!!!!!

    Isn't that supposed to happen (the devil to be confined for a 1000 years) when God gets rid of all the wicked people. Maybe I have it wrong, I forget all my bible stuff. Its been 25 years and I have buried the bible teachings to protect myself from fear and guilt.

    Why does it all have to be such a big mystery and we have to have imperfect men speculate or pretend they know the answers.

  • watson

    Mankind has never really had the opportunity to rule itself without the Devil in the picture (per WT). It might be surprising how we did if we KNEW the God, it gave us it's principles, gave us "free will" and DIDN'T turn it's rebellious son loose on us. Give us a fair shot.

  • jaguarbass

    It's starting to look like there is no answer to your question because there might not be a God.

    Or hes out to lunch.

    Or he took the day off.

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