Here's how the Society can get out of the "anointed" dilemma

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  • OnTheWayOut
    But do you have scriptual backing for your 3 classes?

    "Scriptures? We don't need any scriptures. We don't have to show you any stinking scriptures."

  • VM44

    (Warning: speculation ahead!)

    A Losch Alert?

  • ldrnomo

    I like it and here's what they could say about what the 2nd class heavenly would be doing in heaven. The still believe the 1st class heavenly will rule as kings and priests sometime they give the illistration of representitives in Wash DC so the 2nd class heavenly could be the lobbyists. What do you think? The third class earthley could pray to the lobbyist class for material favors.

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    I've got an even better way of explaining it away. Right now, they tie the "new covenant" with the partaking of the emblems and the declaration that you are "annointed". These same folks are also said to be included in another covenant called the Kingdom Covenant. The new covenant is the one that Jesus mentions in at the Last Supper and provides for the forgiveness of sins. The Kingdom covenant is the promise Jesus made to the apostles to come to heaven to rule as kings with him and was made that same night but after the passing of the emblems.

    So, all you need to do is say that the new covenant applies to all Christians and all should partake in the emblems. This is just a recoginition that Jesus died for your sins and that because of this, you can be forgiven and have an opportunity for everlasting life (either in heaven or on earth). Since they've got the Kingdom covenant seperate anyway, they can say that this promise is for a select 144k of humans that started with the apostles and is a spirit annointing and is personal between the individual and God.

    This way, you don't have to report on the partakers since its not relevent. And, you can keep the number a literal number since there would be no tracking mechanism in place. Bada-bing, problem solved!

  • Gopher

    Sir82 and DoubtingBro, your idea may have just extended the life of the WT Society for at least another "generation". Thanks a lot.

    But seriously, this wouldn't be too far from their past tactics -- to bring back "old light" and present it as a "new flash of light from Jehovah" for everyone to get excited about. Imagine if everyone who felt they needed to would be able to drink the wine at the annual JW memorial. Just think of the germs!! <-- A little flash of Howie Mandel there

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Your light is so bright I gotta wear shades.

  • Forscher

    The easiest way is to declare that the number 144,000 is symbolic instead of literal.

    There is ample evidence to do so in the text from which it is taken, namely the book of Revelation itself. since they already treat just about every other number mentioned in the book as symbolic of one thing or another, they would only be acting consistently with the rest of their interpretation.


  • lfcviking

    Well that's interesting. Let's see if this actually happens!

  • thecarpenter

    I'm thinking along the same lines as Forscher, the book of revelation is highly symbolic anyway. They just have to say they got even brighter light and now the 144,000 is a symbolic number. Then they declare that they don't know how many will go to heaven but it will be a "complete number" as god see's fit. Problem solved, the great crowd will slurp up this delicious new pile of crapola and be refreshed in this new light.

  • tata
    The easiest way is to declare that the number 144,000 is symbolic instead of literal.

    They NEVER can do that, because it is a doctrine that does them different and for that they believed they have the truth.

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