I really need to brag....

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  • ninja

    those are words I could never say in the school showers

  • IP_SEC

    lol mouthy. I didnt get it either. I knew what KFC is but didnt think it was that in the context. I dont understand the stealing part either.

    Could some one hold my hand and explain it simple like??

    At any rate.

    Congrats Mrs and Ms Smith

  • Layla33

    Those ads in Australia are hilarious.

  • Mrs Smith
    Mrs Smith

    Ok let me explain. You can google KFC Tree House and you will find the ad with my precious little actress in it. Sorry i don't know how to link it here.

    The ad is about two little kids that want to decorate their tree house with the best stuff. They take the fish tank out of the house, they roll up the carpet from one of the rooms. The little girl takes beautiful jewlery from her moms room. The little boy takes his dad's slippers. In the next seen you see the kids running to their tree house with their loot. Then the kids are sitting having fun, feeding the fish, my daughter painting her nails and the mom opens the tree house trap door. They kids look very worried and then they all start laughing. The voice over says " KFC blal bla( can't remember) only the best" Then the mom and dad have KFC dinner in the tree house with their kids and all is forgiven.

    Hope this answers all the questions. Thank you for all your replies.

    Edited to add this link.


  • mouthy

    What a beautiful little girl... You should brag. Very lovely little girl....Thanks for sharing

  • Mrs Smith
    Mrs Smith

    Thanks Grace

  • mouthy

    She reminds me of Elizabeth Taylor when she was that age. Dont you think so.? I guess you never saw Liz when she was 10-11?

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