How being a JW improved my study skills

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  • Mysterious

    We all saw these barf articles about how kids did better in school because of the skills they learned as JWs so I thought I should post all the wonderful benefits I have gained.

    -I have learned how to look like I'm paying attention in class without actually doing so [yay participation marks, boo not understanding what's on the test]
    -I have learned to underline on autopilot with no intrinsic benefit to my study skills [my book looks like WWIII so why don't I know anything]
    -I have learned that how good you are at speaking matters for oral presentations as you will get a W if you aren't very good ;p (well you did before they changed the school) [seriously took me about 4 years to click that it's about the material not how good you are at public speaking]

    Anyone have any other mal-adaptive habits to add?


  • bigmouth

    I've learned how to memorize and repeat plausible sounding arguments without ever having to find out if they're based on fact.

  • sass_my_frass

    I noticed a while ago that I have a lot of difficulty maintaining focus on something that doesn't really have my interest, because I am so good at looking like I'm paying attention at the meetings but actually being a million miles away. It gets me in trouble a bit at work when I'm supposed to be listening to somebody explain something complex but dull; I tune out so quickly, and neither of us notice.

  • Hortensia

    I tried going to acupuncture school - had to drop out because I absolutely couldn't stand anything that resembled a meeting - I was screaming inwardly to be set free on the first day. It's like prison. In fact I can't stand meetings of any sort - any meeting I run is very very brief.

  • Satanus

    I have an aversion to meetings, too. The last meeting i was in, was about the design/decoration of a sports shop. I ended up wandering down the hallway (thye brought me back in). Any regular type of thing that happens on tuesday or thursday evenings, i can only force myself to go a few times, then i drop out.


  • WTWizard

    It has led me to detest going anywhere near the Kingdumb Hell when a boasting session is soon to begin or is letting out.

  • StAnn

    On the plus side, I have learned that whenever I have a question about religion, I go to my university library and look things up in books from authors who subscribe to many different religious views so that I can compare and contrast their answers. There are generally some things on each topic that all of the various religions will agree upon; then I feel more secure I'm not being hoodwinked. No longer will my "research" consist of books from only one denomination and one mindset.

  • steve2

    I've carried one valuable skills from the Watchtower into the rest of my life:

    I truly cannot in good conscience drop litter if I think people are watching. Of course, should there be ample evidence that I'm not being watched, litter has been known to fly hither and thither...

  • Reefton Jack
    Reefton Jack

    It has been stated that reading the Watchtower and Awake is the equivalent of a university degree.
    It certainly got me mine:
    - a Bachelor of Stupidity.

    (with his tongue driven hard into his cheek!)

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