Eliot Spitzer - Should he have resigned?

by pratt1 20 Replies latest jw experiences

  • StAnn

    Yes, he should have resigned. He should have resigned more quickly. I find it so sad that his poor wife is standing there by his side and he's holding her up to public humiliation. That poor woman's face is all you need to look at to see what damage Spitzer has done.

    And saying that people who aren't satisfied at home will go elsewhere is ludicrous. Look at Winona Ryder. She could afford to buy her clothes. She wanted the thrill of stealing them. Spitzer seems to be a thrill seeker, too.

    One of the things I'm not hearing from anyone here is that his man took at least three oaths: one to his wife to love her and be faithful to her until death; as a lawyer, to uphold the law; and as governor, to conduct himself in a manner that best serves the needs of the people of New York. He has broken all of his oaths. Obviously, this man lacks integrity and does not deserve the public's trust.

    Just proves my personal belief that all men are dogs. (Sorry, guys.)

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