Eliot Spitzer - Should he have resigned?

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  • heathen

    I find it strange that "the people" will tolerate government screwing them over left and right but somehow prostitution is the unforgivable sin in politics . They are all involved with drug smuggling and prostitution , where do you think they get those drugs they plant on people they want to put in jail just to look like they are doing something? My feelings are that prostitution should be decriminalized , I can understand not wanting people on street corners trying to land a trick but if it's done in brothels out of the public eye then who has the right to tell people what they can do with their time and money? You really have to exercise cognizant dissonance in government , it's always what the other guy is doing that everybody should be concerned about .

  • R.Crusoe

    Credibility, leadership, respectability, inspirational and so on, are all human attributes I now see as splashes in the mud amongst a million others!

    At the end of the day we have a pile of mud!

    I once thought reality was different!

    Now I see a world spinning like a mixer in a paint shop blending everything into that muddy grey colour!

    I appreciate creativity but human characteristics are colours in the mix !

    I find it extremely difficult to see whose heart is what colour and see millions of others seeing colours I dont get!

  • Gopher
    somehow prostitution is the unforgivable sin in politics

    Please tell me you don't really believe prostitution is the only unforgivable sin in politics. Politicians get taken down for ALL SORTS of ethical reasons, and yes the public is fickle on these kinds of questions. But really, it hasn't just been prostitution that takes politicians down in the view of the public.

    Spitzer made his ascent in politics based on cleaning up Wall Street and government. He should have kept his nose clean. New Yorkers had a right to be upset with him, even though he did a lot of good in the past.

    Legalization of prostitution may be a valid issue, but it's a completely different topic.

  • heathen

    Ok well also the pedophile issue has been in the news in the last couple of years . Definitely unforgivable there. Basically these people get away with murder with very little recourse .

  • 144001
    That he did something illegal and unseemly and harmful to his family does not change the fact that the white collar criminals he is famous for going after are far more a disease upon this country than any poor person looting a grocery or clothing store after a natural disaster, or any person choosing to work in the sex industry. Direct your outrage at those robber barrons, or keep your collective heads in a very dark smelly place, America. --SixofNine

    Amen, Six. Elliot Spitzer did lots of good in his time. His transgression is minor compared to the good he has done; it harmed no one except him and his family. It's a real shame that his brilliant career has been destroyed so quickly and easily.

  • juni

    Why feel sorry for the bastard? He broke the law, which he's quite familiar with, on a high level.

  • JeffT
    Even if nothing else comes out, which I believe we are only at the beginning of this scandal,

    Bingo! Due to the amounts and way in which some funds were transferred it seems that there is a good chance that he was a part owner of, not just a client of, the escort service. If true that ties him directly to the mob and means that his preceeding actions weren't moral crusading under in guise, they were efforts to eliminate the competition. That fact that he rolled over so quickly makes me think this may be the case.

  • WTWizard

    Did he use taxpayer dollars to finance the prostitutes? Did he knowingly use prostitutes that were part of pimp rings (that is, those that are forced to perform for a master, who is initiating threats and force to enslave the prostitutes)? If so, then he definitely should have.

    However, if he was only involved in prostitutes that were working volitionally, and using his own money, then I see nothing wrong with it. Those prostitution laws need to go--if people are sufficiently stimulated elsewhere, they are not going to be needing prostitutes anyway and they will go out of business. (The same goes for drugs.)

    Besides, I can think of worse things that have been done by presidents and governors. DWI, sexual harassment with lying, breaking into Watergate tapes, stealing our money to pay the Fed (as in 1913), and stealing more of our money to pay the lazy bums that refuse to work are far more damaging to me as a citizen under them than having my leader getting involved in prostitution.

    Whether or not it should be, or is, a crime, if it is going to impede his work, then it's best for him to resign.

  • JeffT

    WTWizard: we can argue until the cows come home about legalizing it or who did worse stuff. But he took an oath to uphold the law and then broke it. Even are in that position and don't like the law, you need to work at changing it.

  • Uther

    ....this idiot had deep seated problems...he PROSECUTED...entire prostituion rings.....he WRIRETAPPED enemies...and only got a 30% conviction rate.....he was and is despised by his ALLIES!....and had 1,000k's of enemies....he was a self described "Fucking Steamroller"....aaannddd spent over $80,000.00 of his campaign funds on the worlds oldest profession......he set himself ABOVE scrutiny,....his calling card was he was ABOVE reproach.........he RUINED peoples lives that got in his way!!!........aaanndd in the end game....got what he RICHLY deserved!!!!..........I LAUGH at his fall from Grace!!...nuff said...Uther..out

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