Had a talk w/ Dad and Mom - not my fault, hubby started it...

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  • potentialJWconvertswife

    Cognac, You are very brave. Stay true to yourself and keep going the way you are. You can't live in fear of what "may" or even most certainly will happen to you and your family. One day at a time, Sweet Jesus. I hope that your honesty in revealing your true feelings will help your family and hubby see the problems in the Witness' "Truth". Good luck and God Bless!

  • Hope4Others
    I think he thinks that he can convince me that I'm wrong without getting me in trouble... About a month ago he said to me that he wanted to talk to me about some of my beliefs and the apostate websites I was visiting... I wouldn't meet with him and had my husband talk to him cause I wouldn't... He said "people were concerned

    The fact he has "said people were concerned" is a concern that things won't be quite for long. .

    You're about to reach the point of no return... what will you do, what will you say, when that same Dad you love do much quits associating with you because you've been you've been taken to the back room and Df'ed for apostasy? You, me, and everyone on this site knows this is where this is headed. And what will your husband do, what will he say? How are you going to handle all of this when it comes tumbling down?

    I'm really think dawg has excellent advise here. Good luck with this one. hope4others

  • flipper

    COGNAC- Your situation is certainly a ticklish one . My mom made a statement about her relationship with my elder father one time - that even though dad was her head , she was the neck that turned the head. I don't know how much influence your mom has on your dad - but from what you wrote of her telling your dad , " you have to talk with her ", referring to you , makes me think she may have more pull with your dad than you think . Many elders wives do, as a matter of fact. But from what you said , it sounds like your dad wants to cause you the least amount of hassle he can. That is your saving grace. Just from what you have written , I would be very cautious how much you divulge to mom , and talk to dad carefully , but appreciatively .

    As you and I talked about this before - it seems as if your husband is being more vocal than you talking with others . It's a good thing he is starting to see some of the witness deception , however if you have a nice piece of wide , gray duct tape for his verbal spurts , might be a good time to tell him , there is a time, a place , and way to talk about his doubts - as he might get dragged in before a JC before you ! LOL!

    But in the end like Dawg and others said , only you know how you are going to deal with this gradual fade. Only you and your husband know how important your relationship is with your parents and other family members and only you guys know how to count the costs of how much you divulge in your particular situation. So , I wish you luck , hang in there with it , if you ever need ideas to bounce off of, you know where to find my wife and I. Peace sis, peace out, Mr. Flipper

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