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  • Calico Ethel
    Calico Ethel

    Hello all. I just wanted to start a thread because I haven't in a REALLY long time. I was feeling left out which is down to me I know. But when I saw my husband, Caedes had gotten to his 500th post, I thought I should start making more of an effort to come on here and post something. I really don't have much to say. Life in England is GREAT! I have been here over a year. And Caedes and I will be celebrating our 1 year anniversary next month...we can't believe it is already so soon. Time goes by way too quickly sometimes. I'm looking for different work and it's slow going. I'm also wanting to take up a course of some sort, I'm thinking science related. And I have a new desire to learn Russian. I'm wanting to learn new things now. I think because we were never told that going to college would be beneficial, so most of us probably haven't, I feel left out and I feel like I've been held back from achieving something. I want to do it before I get too old to read a book So I'm looking for a way to learn something new every day - like a new word or something about history or the world that I didn't ever know. If anyone has anything they would like to share, please share here

  • mrsjones5

    Well. you're a quarter of the way to 500 hundred! Yay!

    So, you're not originally from England? I would really like to visit England one day.



  • babygirl75

    Hey Calico Ethel....

    Congrats on your upcoming 1yr Anniversary!!!

    Good luck with finding a new job & going to College. Learning a new language would be very interesting. I'd love to learn Italian and go to Italy someday. I doubt I'll learn Italian, but would still like to go to Italy!!


  • Casper

    Hi Calico Ethel...!!!

    Nice to meet you.. I' ve been here forever and just now made it past 200.... I don't have much to say either... but, I just keep adding my 2-cents...

    Look forward to hearing more from you.


  • Calico Ethel
    Calico Ethel

    US born and bred here Mrs Jones. England is lovely, definately worth seeing.

    Thank you for your support Babygirl. Italy would be lovely to see. I'm not too far from it now My husband and I are thinking of going to France for the day. We can take a ferry ride over for a day and it's really inexpensive. But I need to brush up on my french "Je ne parle pas francais beaucoup, tu parles anglais?" That's all I need I think, hopefully they'll take pity on an American with basic french speaking skills.

    Hi Casper...nice to meet you too. I don't usually have time to even add my 2 pence worth these days. I'm usually so busy at work, and I share my office with my boss, so I'm forever hitting alt + tab to get out of the internet before she sees what I'm doing That's one of the best things I've ever learned in my entire life!

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Dear Calico,

    Welcome back! One of my newest, favorite words is "autodidact": a self-taught person. You probably see that many on JWD are well-informed on a number of subjects. They contribute immensely to my sparse-to-nonexistent knowledge of numerous subjects. Two years faded, I no longer feel any guilt nor that former sense of futility when I dive into acquisition of knowledge.

    How will I use this knowledge? Time will tell....

    Enjoy your journey!


  • MsMcDucket

    Keep that positive vibe going! http://youtube.com/watch?v=khmqDEz6TRk

  • chickpea

    ahhhh, sunny england.... i hope to visit again in the near future

    what part of the country are you in? my familiarity, scant but growing, is with the west york, and greater manchester area....

    loved wakefield and halifax..... enjoyed manchester immensely as i was in company with 2 great friends...... was absolutely delighted with the public transportation, and LONG for something as comprehensive in the US..... trolleys, trains and busses took me everywhere i wanted to go

    so... what i am sitting at the computer for these days ( with too many coffee/tea breaks at JWD) is an online course in holistic nutriton.... right now i am figuring out the significance of a biosynthesized sulfate product 3'-phosphadenosine-5'-phosphsulfate which is basically a phosphorylated adenosine acting as a coenzyme....

    and then i have to scratch my head when alternative healthcare is dismissed as a bunch of gibberish.... go figure

  • WingCommander

    Crumpet lives in jolly 'ol England, so at least I know there's one ray of sunshine there. :)

    **** HINT HINT **** Are you out there Crumpet? We miss ya....haven't seen you for a while on JWD!!

    - Wing Commander

  • Calico Ethel
    Calico Ethel

    Thanks CoCo for your words...I like using the word of the day thing online. I used to have it set up on my igoogle page. I wanted to learn one new word a day, but it kept giving words I already knew.

    ChickPea...my husband Caedes and I reside in wonderful Devon, that's the South West part of the country. Very beautiful. We are only about 5 minutes walking distance to the English Channel, which is wonderful! I'm sick of the public transportation, but that's only because when you're standing outside when it's cold and rainy for over 30 minutes waiting for a bus that's supposed to come every 15 minutes and then 3 turn up all at the same time, you get a little irritated Otherwise, I think it is good too. And the train is fun to ride on. The taxi drivers are sometimes funny, they pretty much all talk about rugby

    Don't know Crumpet Wing Commander, but I hope he/she shows up again for you

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