why did the "demons" only go after those "strongin the truth"

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    Why did the "demons" only go after those "strongin the truth"?

    For the same reason that witches that suck the blood of new-borns live only in third-world countries.

  • lovelylil

    I agree that those were mostly the crazies that were bothered by demons. I used to read scriptures to them such as this gem from james "if you oppose the devil, he will flee from you". then I would ask the "demonized" person WHY they were not opposing the Devil. Yeah, I know, that was probably mean.

    But it used to drive me crazy how many jdubs thought Satan and his demonz had nothing better to do then to bother them!

    About being spiritual, well I was a pioneer, had 7 studies at one time, prayed and read the bible daily and NOPE, never had a demon problem once. I think those who claim they had this problem may also have wanted the attention. Lilly

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