BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS...I've got a huge collection...tell me what you need...

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    Just inherited a bunch of books from my mom. She disass'd a few years ago and has been feeding them into the garbage. WTBS books aren't worth the effort of putting them on Ebay (who I don't like anyway).

    So if you are looking for something in particular, send me a PM and I'll dig thru the boxes. I've got quite a bit of old stuff going back to the '40's...probably every yearbook from 1946 to 1999...lots of new stuff.

    My dad liked to buy extras. Like a new "Aid to Bible Understanding" still in green purple Bible....lots of new Creation books (big format)...quite a few old Rutherturd books....I think even a McMillan "March" book....a beat-up 1958 Yankee Stadium program (yeah I was there as a little kid)...a Harp of God, and so on and so on...oh yeah a few tracts and booklets too.

    So if there's anything you're looking for make me an offer so I can cover shipping and a couple of bucks for my time and it's yours.

    This is definitely a limited time offer!

    These books will not last!

    What will it take to get you into one of these slightly used cream puffs today?

    All of 'em must go or into the firey furnace they shall be sent!

    Thank you.


    Money orders and checks only...or uncashed lottery tickets.

  • Leolaia

    Got any binders of Consolations or Awakes from the 1940s and 1950s?


    Sorry Leolaia. Mags are in short supply and none that old. I remember those as a kid from a freinds house and in the KH library. I remember my dad calling the old large formatmagazines by a nickname of some kind...just can't remember what it was. As a youngster I kind of enjoyed the old Rutherturd books, as the illustrations of the women, the harlot and others were always bare-breasted...come on there wasn't anything else in the house.


  • IP_SEC

    I am looking for Flatland: A romance in many dimensions By Edwin Abbot



    Why not settle for a primo condition "Children" or "Enemies" or "Salvation" penned by that New York Times best-selling author J R Rutherturd? Just think of the envy from all your family and friends when they see that Crayola-colored library of literary genius!


  • IP_SEC
    Why not settle for a primo condition "Children" or "Enemies" or "Salvation"

    Ummmm.... no.

    They were in our Hall library. Read them already while bunking off durning the meetings.


    Ok IP_SEC.

    Too bad though because I'm running a special. Order any two Rutherturd books and I'll throw in an empty bottle of Old Grandad absolutely free...

    and if you call within the next 15 minutes you will also receive a swatch of the bedsheet/toga that Pappy Russell was wrapped in when he bit the pyramid on Halloween night.


  • civicsi00

    do you have the purple Kingdom Interlinear? also, where are you located?

  • slimboyfat

    Not worth eBay?

    Faith on the March could get you $200 easily. I have sold multiple copies for £150.

    Your call.

  • Peppermint

    "do you have the purple Kingdom Interlinear?"

    Just sold one of the same on ebay for £40.00. I say get money for them, its liberating turning that rubbish into cash.

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