DIRTY DANCING........Did you ever .....

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  • nomoreguilt

    Dirty dance a jw? I've been dying to relate this to people that I know will truly appreciate it. Both of my sons got married about 9 or 10 years ago. The first to go was my eldest. He married into a very large jw family. My DIL has 6 bros, 4 aunts and uncles, and all the rest that come with that.

    So, it was at this wedding of my eldest son that I did the dirty deed. One of my DIL's aunts had been bugging me to dance with her all evening. I felt kinda sorry for her in as much as her husband isn't much of a husband. He doesn't work, she supports him and he isn't a ball of fire as a dub. So, she's always been sorta on her own in things. She's kinda cute, was about 50 at the time and had one of those rounded out yet not full figures.

    So, anyways, the night was getting on and they started to play some really great slow music. Music that we had grown up on and I had requested a bit of it myself from the DJ. This great SLOW, ASS grabbing song comes on. I saw her ambling towards me and figured hey why not!

    We started out with the usual small talk, yada, yada, kids, handsome couple, nice party all that. So, she's got her head kinda leaning into my shoulder and I says to myself," This is the MOMENT". At just the opportune moment I pressed my THIGH into her JOINT.........WOW!!!!She couldn't get away from that connection fasr enough!! LMAO!! I knew what I had done to her and so did she. She got all RED faced and believe me she made sure she kept her precious distance from my thigh, and the rest of me for that matter. The song ended not soon enough for her and afterwards I got the greatest chuckle out of it.

    Funny thing about it though? I never got any flack about it from my DIL or anyone for that matter.

    Just thought I'd share this moment with you all.


  • watson

    You beast!

  • nomoreguilt

    Watson......ROFLMAO.........I WAS bad wasn't I??


  • poppers

    Wish I coulda seen the look on her face.

  • jaguarbass

    Sounds like fun.

  • momzcrazy

    Um, yeah. Yeah yeah yeah baby!


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