Any Fans of Frank Zappa Here?

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  • Rapunzel

    I was just wondering if anybody enjoyed listening to Frank Zappa. Any comments welcomed. Thank you.

  • jaguarbass

    Frank's my favorite. Last I counted I have about 50 cd's and Albums of his. I cried when he died.

    I remember buying my firrst Mothers album in the 8th grade.

    I saw Jimmy Carl Black this past winter in St. Pete.

    The link is to a St. Pete Band that plays Franks music from time to time. I have seen them 4 times, once with the Florida Orchestra. They are awesome. When they put on a show they usually have a Former Zappa/ mothers alumni.

    They'd be worth flying to Florida to see.

  • flipper

    RAPUNZEL- JK 666 is Frank Zappa reincarnated ya know ? He loves him to pieces. I like him too, JK and Frank ! LOL! Great musician ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • uwishufish

    I believe it goes like this.

    It was the darkest night

    There were no stars in sight

    Tittys and Beer

  • JK666


    You must be new here, if you don't know I am a Zappa fan. Check out the avatar! Huge fan have most of his albums. Favorites are Apostrophe, Hot Rats, The Grand Wazoo, and Roxy and Elsewhere.


  • orbison11

    i saw frank oh about 1970 or so,,,was so cool, they just sauterred around the stage, etc,,,,

    did i say 1970, heck i am old lol


  • JK666

    A little Zoot Allures and Trouble Every Day:


  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    Hey there kids I'm Bobbie Brown. they say I'm the cutest boy in town. My face is cute and my teeth are shiny. I tell all the girls they can kiss my hynie. I might be totally wrong but I'm a foooooooooool. Watch out where those huskies go, don't u eat that yellow snow. Pojama people, people. hey get them out of my way. hey hey hey hey hey hey hoy hoy hoy. the list goes on while the ooze comes from my television. He was great with the Coneheads

  • JK666

    Why does it hurt when I pee?


  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    Baby snakes

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