Jehovah's Witnesses elders refusing to testify in Murrieta molestation case

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  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

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  • jamiebowers
  • jamiebowers

    Even if the elders in this case are forced to testify, it doesn't necessarily mean that they'll tell the truth. Isn't the definition of truth with the WTB&TS facts given to people who need to know them? Everyone has seen the video on youtube with the elder lying in court about whether shunning is a carried out by the JW's, haven't they?

  • flipper

    As everyone knows the JW cult is all about outward impressions - which is one major reason they don't want to testify. It might bring alledged " reproach " on Jehovah's Organization. As if the governing body hasn't brought enough reproach already on itself by harboring pedophiles in congregations , allowing them free roaming status going in the door to door witnessing work in public . I'm quite sure , even if the elders testify and lie under oath, enough preponderance of evidence will surface to put this ugly Behemoth away for a long time. May his genitals rot off in prison P.S. On that note by the way welcome to JWD # 9!

  • BluesBrother


    Came late to this awful thread. It shows that the protection of abusers is still going on, despite all the stuff that has happened in recent years.

    When I was an elder I found the policy that said that if the Police wanted access to Congregation Records then an elder was to resist. Now, since we have not been persecuted, and the Police would only be investigating something, I resolved that if they asked, I would give them what they wanted, and the Bethel could go hang.

    Nowadays I guess Legal Dept. have got a tighter grip on things . Even so, these men have a moral duty to God and their fellow man to put this paedo away, if he did confess to them. Can they not grasp that? What kind of men are they??

  • avishai

    Ecclesiastical privelege does'nt apply here on so many levels. The JW's claim they have no clergy class, and that every publisher (maybe baptized) is an "ordained minister" just for starters.

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