Does anyone know? Question about early JW beliefs.

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    The Watchtower always believed in an earthly class. However, originally they taught that there were 144,000 rulers in heaven, and then also a great crowd in heaven, who were the not so good JWs.

    Watchtower 1927 15 January pp.19-20 "The Great Multitude," "… all the facts and the scriptures bearing upon the matter under consideration show that those who form the great multitude constitute a spirit class, born on the spirit plane."

    Only people dieing after Jesus could go to heaven, so anyone not belonging to the great crowd or 144,000 were to be resurrected onto earth.

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    Hi HC,

    Good to hear from you. I was wondering what happened. Thought you might have gone back. I'm glad you are still looking for things. Once this critical thinking started up with me, I could not stop it. It just kept getting bigger and bigger until it finally got so big that nothing whatsoever that the JWs say made sense or was true or was even logical. Yes, the light keeps getting brighter focused on THEM. Good luck and please do let us know how it's going with your hubby and the elders. I hope it has settled down for you.

  • hotchocolate

    Hi White Dove, thanks. Yes, despite well-intentioned advice from my elders to "just stop thinking too much" I'm still researching like crazy.

    And I'm actually starting to feel good about my discoveries. xx

  • choosing life
    choosing life


    Thanks for the old info. Ever wonder how on earth you ever believed in some of this stuff? Rutherford must have been quite a piece of work.

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