A Jehovahs Witness just called on my door

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  • mouthy

    To invite me to the March 22nd do. Please pray for him. I Invited him in because it is so cold.
    Poor soul !!!! I told him how I was a JW for 25years. How I used to get beaten & in hospital with a fractured skull because I loved Jehovah. How I taught what they told me about the UN. (What they did now about that )How I quit my job to preach 1975 doom.... I got him to read Due 18:20-22. Said that was false prophecy. Told him I made 10 people JW ...That my Grand-kids & daughter must not speak to me because I dont believe in 1914. Told him about the Pedefiles ( cant spell it) but could SAY it. Showed him all the studies in the scriptures, showed him Crises Of Consceince .. I held his hand & told him to pray to Jesus whom is NOT Micheal the ARK Angel. .......Told him NOT to go to the doors & say it was an invitation from Jesus ( as he said to me on the first opened door. )Because it was a lie. It is an invitation from Brooklyn. He was in Bethel ( Canada) came from Saskatoon.

    I said to investigate on internet.He doesnt go on I said NO your not allowed. He knew you Frank Toth.. He was raised a JW....Now my heart is aching for this lovely man ( about 40 yrs old) He has gone away I am sure upset.... Offered him to come back ANY TIME!!!!!! Please do what ever you do to keep him in your "safe" place. I will keep him in my prayers.

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  • XOCO

    wow mouthy you are just too sweet i loved how you handle this.. i was wondering did the brother deny anything that you said or try to convince you that you were wrong LOL

  • BFD

    Granny, you are the best. I hope this young man comes back to see you for some REAL spiritual food. Good work.


  • mouthy

    No he didnt argue except about the sexuel abused kids .I had to agree with him that it is true wherever man is what ever religion there will be abuse. .So the WT is not alone there. But they point it out in other religions NOT in their own. I said I was so sorry to be the bearer of all this. But at my age I am SO happy now to KNOW that a relationship with the Creator is what I feel I have now NOT to be told by men .....He wanted to tell me we MUST obey the elders of the Organization as they were appointed by GOD.... Well needless to say he didnt get far on that. Im not called mouthy for nothing

  • wildfell

    Hi Mouthy, good on you for talking to him as you did. You sure gave him a good witness! I am at the stage where I feel sad for the witnesses I see now. But it is a personal journey for all of us. God willing this man will think about what you told him. You gave him precious insights he would never have heard from the meetings or the 'friends'.

    kind regards


  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    HA HA!

    Grace, you opened a can of Granny's Homestyle


    On Him!

  • carla

    Grace, I would of thought your residence would have a huge red X on it! don't they know who you are?!

  • mouthy

    Nate I LOVE IT I gotta keep a can of that on hand. XX

    Carla I only moved here in July.... Most in all the places I lived before that they were warned against me. They told a couple I was the QUEEN APOSTATE. of Canada LOL .But when I moved THIS time I had my name removed from the phone book no telephone directive given just to give em the shift.... NOW they know where I am after today....
    Thank you all for your encouragement. I do hope the young man took something to heart. That is when it comes in handy to be a little old gray headed woman ,who knows it all And like to touch folks... EEK!!! He probably took a bath when he got home...

  • mouthy

    wildfell Welcome to the board dont think I seen you before (((HUGS))

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