Check out this JW on this dating site

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  • startingover

    Mr. Land Yacht, must have got that name from the car he drives.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Sign: Aries Height: 6' 0" (183 cm) Ethnicity: Caucasian with Blond hair Body Type: Average

    I live in the Bloomfield hills area....I'm 21
    still live with the folks
    studying the Bible again with a brother from the Lake Orion congregation
    I own a '88 Mercury Grand Marquis
    I'm also a huge Simpsons fan
    I have only had like 2 GFs
    I'm not the most exciting guy to be around

    I've compiled the above checklist so that the Elders in the Bloomfield Hills, Michigan area congregations will be able to find and counsel this brother against trying to pick up worldly hussies on the interwebs.

    I'm confident that the Elders, by using this checklist along with the posted pictures, will be able to narrow their search down to about 25 or so young brothers. No doubt they will be able to finally catch and disfellowship this offender within the next 5 months.

  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
  • lancelink

    wow, he is ( how shall i say this) ,,,, very, very different. but after thinking about it , when i was a teenager in the JW's there were an awful lot of guys who were like this, living 2- lives.

  • serendipity

    Poor guy is looking for love. Are there such slim pickins among the girls up there?

  • ColdRedRain

    No sex on the first date, LMAO. Any girl would probably see this and think "Oh my god, what a religious prude."

  • flipper

    That is hilarious WAC ! Good thread

  • LouBelle

    I so badly wanted to register and be the perfect JW partner but Jehovah must be protecting the site - I couldn't find a username that hadn't been used - bugger!

  • WTWizard

    Intending to stay a witless? That sure is going to be one bomb out.

  • free2beme

    Sounds lost, perhaps he will end up on this site some day.

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