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  • Magnum
    I suppose what made me think of all of this is that my wife played the role of pioneer for many years against her natural shyness

    Well, since you mentioned that, I did some more thinking. I guess I played a role in some ways. I went against my natural feelings/personality/etc in a lot of ways. I really believed it and thought I was doing right, but now that I look back, I wish had been more true to myself.

  • Esse quam videri
    Esse quam videri
    You get dressed up then look into the mirror before you leave home. It is when you look into the mirror that you go into character. It is the dress, the image you tried to project that had such a strong effect. Body language and speech is strongly affected by the dress, the look. I suspect most, if not all of ex JW's, faders to rabid apostates changed the way they dress up. Many may have never put on a meeting suit or dress again.
    I would be interested to know if others feel that we assume roles as we enter the KH.
    LikeThe WTBTS wants everyone in the kingdom halls to be competing against each other as to who is more spiritual,has more bible studies,who is a special pioneer,pioneer,ministerial servant,elder,elders wife,who handed out the most books and magazines,who will give the funeral talk,wedding talk,Memorial talk,who has parts in the conventions,who will work with the C.O. and P.O........ etc.etc.

    The competition is so fierce that only the strong survive. The 800 pound gorilla usually wins inside the kingdom hall. Everyone on the outside of the kingdom hall either works in construction,electrician,janitor,landscaper,factory worker. But as soon as he/she steps into the kingdom hall they all assume their job. Some of the power gets in their heads and abuse their power. THERE ARE TOO MANY 800 POUND GORILLAS IN THE WTBTS.
  • SAHS

    People get lured and indoctrinated into cults such as the WTS, and before long, whether or not they realize it, they are sewed into their little patch of a quilt comprising a web of power and control, being forced to continue serving the egocentric needs of a handful of elite and privileged leaders.

    But what we have here at this Web forum is an opportunity to actively participate in our own process of clarity and healing, which is most enlightening, empowering, and therapeutic. And in that respect, I honestly believe that this process of discovery and true self-identity is something most positive and efficacious for us. Granted, our involvement here may resonate our feelings of betrayal and indignant anger, but this too is a healthy and necessary part of our journey in taking back our lives and finding ourselves. The alternative – which is to attempt at putting out of our minds our grief, frustration, and anger – can only result in bottling up our emotions until they suddenly take over any shred of logical reasoning and impede any constructive process of self-actualization and freedom to which we are certainly entitled and which is always within our grasp if only we would dare to exercise the most basic willingness to be true to ourselves.

  • stuckinarut2

    Having mentally checked out some time ago, I now look at everything in the Jw world with pity and anger.

    Im amazed at how obvious everything is, yet how blind and gullible and stupid witnesses are!

    They are all trying to be "Big fish in a very small bowl"

    As others have said "the emporer's new clothes" is another apt comparison....

  • millie210

    I think it is like DOC said. Anger at the low down antics of the Org. but not at this site or the posters who delivered the info.

    If a person sat and watched the news 24/7 that would probably bubble out in their conversations. I read here at least an hour each day and sure enough....I found things I had learned here trying to fly out of my mouth at inopportune times.

    I havent been to a meeting in about 8 weeks. I do still spend time with various friends from the K.H. at their invitation. Sitting at lunch and talking, I found myself wanting to respond to various comments based on the "accurate knowledge" I have gathered from reading here but i bite my tongue. I am attempting a slow and gradual fade and I want to keep as many peaceful relationships as are possible.

    Its a two edged sword isnt it? Informing oneself and then using the insight to share it appropriately in a way that helps others to open their own eyes.

  • zeb
    "all the world is a stage, all the men and women are merely players.".. Shakespeare.
  • ToesUp

    Yeah...it's like the Wizard of Oz. The Great and Powerful Oz is sooo scary and a bully but when you pull the curtain back he is a little insecure old man. Not so powerful after all.

    Most of the bullies in the hall live double lives. Biggest bunch of hypocrites we have EVER met.

  • smiddy

    New day

    The pressures the G.B.put on people to live up to an unrealistic goal is criminal and is nothing short of emotional abuse .

    The mental and physical toll this has on so many witnesses should be a reason for a governmental health inquiry.

    That is my 2 cents worth


  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    I would be interested to know if others feel that we assume roles as we enter the KH.

    Indeed. The very top of this organization is men who have assumed their roles by nothing more than nibbling crackers and sipping wine once a year... and then kissing the right as$es.

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