So who here has seen Russels grave? Weird huh?

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  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Inspired by this thread, I was indulging in a little free association web surfing and discovered something I did not know before:

    in 1931 the Mormons (LDS) accepted the idea that the pyramid was "the Bible in Stone".

    What a great ice-breaker for a conversation with a dub.

    Imagine you manage to get the discussion onto modern day cults. Then you can toss out the little fact that the Mormons called the Great Pyramid at Giza "The Bible in Stone."

    Let the dubs laugh, let them have thier chortle.

    Then remind them that until 1928 the WTB&TS, Jehovah's "faithful and discreet slave," believed the same crap, that it was promoted, not by "some brothers," but by the Laodicean Minister, Pastor Chuck Russell himself, who got the idea from an astonomer. Watch the laughter subside.

  • TD
    The pyramid is a monument that marks the center of the bible Students' plot in that cemetery.

    Plot monuments were common in the 19th and early 20th century. --Usually went hand in hand with moderately wealthy families. The ultra-rich had full blown mausaleums, but even those are not uncommon in old cemetaries.

  • The Oracle
    The Oracle

    Thanks Nathan.

    Good information, without going over the top.


    The Oracle

  • AlyMC

    I've never seen it, and I actually first heard about it briefly from the elder who was talking with me before about my concerns as I left. His reasoning is that things were different back then and that they didn't have as much light shining on their pathway as they do now.

    Interest peaked to google it though :)

  • oompa

    I live less than a half hour drive from Russell's grave and have been there quite a few times. I'd like to go again this spring and copy all the names on the nearby stones. Some of them look just like Russell's smaller grave marker and they probably were early Bible Students. Once I have the names, I could do some research.


    IDEA FOR HAPPY DAD! Make some money on E-bay selling charcoal rubbings of the Cross and the Crown logo off the pyramid, and Russells actual headtone.....Bet it would sell.

    JK---how can you find the cemetary on google earth? do you have an address?

    Nathan...great info on the mormans and pyramids....did russell or other dubs use that term "bible in stone?"

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Apparently Russell had 50 Witnesses buried alive in the pyramid Phroah style, so he could have a congregation in the next life....every Halloween, on the anniversary of his death his mummy comes out and says; "My wife was a Bitch." And then returns to sleep another year.


    Let's not forget, as 007 mentioned, Chuck did croak on Halloween night...after he changed into a Roman Toga...what the hell is that all about? And he sold Miracle Wheat...Let's face it, Jesus picked the best guy for the job.


  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Charles Russell and Michael Myers both share "Halloween" as an annaversary...........Run Jamie Lee Curtis Run!!!! My movie question is who killed more people??????

  • thecarpenter

    Here are some pictures











    Very weird!

  • NewYork44M

    I have been there many times.

    the first trip was at the 1972 international convention at Three-Rivers stadium. The society organized tours of various sites in Pittsburgh including the grave site.

    In the mid-90s I lived in Pittsburgh. Any visitors that we had wanted to see the site. I was an unofficial tour guide.

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