Have you see this Puppy Abuse?

by Tired of the Hypocrisy 15 Replies latest jw friends

  • BreakingAway

    Real or not this kind of shit is uncalled-for.

  • momzcrazy

    I think someone should throw him into a gully. Absolutely horrible. Are the soldiers really that mentally damaged and hardened so that they can laugh and shrug? He acts like he just threw a rock, no big deal.


  • SusanHere

    Are they sure these guys actually were soldiers? If this was a fake, why couldn't their uniforms also be faked? Even if they actually did such a horrible thing, they still could be faking being in the military. It's easy to do.

    And no, soldiers are not serial killers. My two sons have been in Iraq a total of four times with a fifth deployment just announced. Guess what? Neither of them has ever killed anyone. Most soldiers don't.

    If this video was real, they will be recognized by people who won't be amused. It can't be soon enough.


  • Barbie Doll
    Barbie Doll
    serial killers start this way

    The man If he is a soldier or not that is sick, to do something like that.

    If it is a joke, they are sick and I don't think it is funny.

  • SusanHere

    Exactly right, Barbie. Sick, sick, sick whether real or not, but especially if really done. There have to be people who recognize them. It'll come out, I hope.


  • SusanHere

    Okay, an update...

    Apparently this actually was a Marine who did this. The question is still was it real or faked. Either way, they now know who did it and he's on his way to face military justice. With it being such a huge story, and a huge black eye for the Marines, if the video is real the Marine involved is toast.

    The family lives in WA state and have had to change their phone number because of all the death threats.


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