$3.15 per gallon and rising!

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  • Casper

    $3.12 a gal. here at the moment.

    I used to drive most of the time out in service. I rarely, if ever, got any contribution for gas, and if I did it would be a dollar or so. Most here also have mini vans, with so much rural territory... I am sure they will be packed like sardines, and carry on as usual.

    Although, I have only seen them in my area once or twice in the last 10 years.... hummmm...??


  • bigmouth

    In Dunedin, NZ we're paying the equivalent of US$5.72 per gallon of 89 octane petrol. (i.e. NZ$1.79 per litre.)
    <br><br>Although our incomes are lower than the US our cost of living generally is lower too. So I figure our pain at the pump is similar to yours.

    "Look at the high gas prices - the end must be just around the corner !"

  • Jim_TX

    My Volkswagen is a diesel. Diesel tends to run a tad higher than the low-grade gas - and used to be the same as the high-grade gas.

    Well... that has all changed. Last week, my wife and I watched one station raise their diesel price 3 times in one week - overnight. One day, it was $3.529/gal. The next day - same time, it was $3.549/gal. Then Friday - same time - it topped out at $3.659/gal.

    This is at a station that did not re-fuel their large tank of diesel in this time-period, either. (Not much demand for it). Plus - it was two stations - 10 miles apart - that did it - same brand fuel.

    Something is going on, methinks.


    Jim TX

  • jaguarbass

    I remember when I was a pioneer back in 73. I bought a volkswagon beetle. That is what some of the other full time pioneers I knew had. I think they got about 25 mpg. Gas was probaly 35cents a gallon back then.

    They would hold 4 people, a little bit cramped in the back. But I remember regularly picking up a bible study who was 6 foot 3. I'd put him in the front and my wife and son in the back.

  • llbh

    you can moan when it hits $10+ per gallon and we dont seem to moan much

  • Maddie

    I agree with IIbh, we pay the equivalent of $10 here but are used to it I guess.


  • Layla33

    I actually saw it at $4 dollars the other day. I truly believe before it is all over it is going to go as high as $5 or $6.

    My goal is to buy a hybrid by the end of next year.

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    I think gas prices will have a big effect on the local JW congregation in my area . It has alot of rural territory that is spread out . Most families have mini vans or suv's and most are in the lower income bracket . The few members that are financially well off will carry on and end up driving more., and no doubt start getting sick of it all .

  • Bonnie_Clyde
    In th UK its about £5 or $10 per gallon, I'd love prices like $4.

    My son's answer to that was, he'd be glad to pay $10 per gallon if he didn't have to pay property tax. He's paying almost $600 per month just for the privilege of living in his house--on top of a house payment. Do you have property tax in the UK?

  • DevonMcBride

    I'd be happy to pay 3.15 a gallon. In my area the cheapest is 3.26 a gallon.

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