Should I register to vote?

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  • tinker

    Wow, thank you everyone for your comments. I had no idea so many people here were passionate about politics. I'm so glad I asked. Yes, I do have plenty of time to gather the facts on important issues and that is what I will do.

    Gopher; your links are just what I need. The evening news and local paper only carry the latest dirt slinging incident. I need a list, in clear words on each candiates position.

    And is that true, gas is $10 a gallon in England.....sheesh, now I feel bad for every time I'm cursed the gas pump. Like I said, we American's have nothing to complain about.

    Does anyone vote completely along party lines?

  • Gopher


    I'm glad to hear you're getting up-to-speed on the political process. It takes time to sort through it all and come to a certain philosophy that works for you. It's a process I've been going through since I first voted in 2002.

    I suppose that people who register with a certain party would tend to vote mostly for their own candidates.

    I'm independent and will never join a political party. I tend to take each issue one at a time, and try to look first at each candidate's qualifications before I look at what they say they believe or say they'll do. So I find myself voting for both Democrats and Republicans in any given election year, and sometimes for the Green Party (or other independent) candidate.

    I'm centrist, and believe in the idea that this country is like an eagle that needs both of its wings (left and right) to fly straight. Personally I've seen the country veer sharply right in my lifetime, and so I'm tending to vote left (more liberal) right now so that maybe the country will get back on course.

  • nomoreguilt

    It isn't a matter as to wether it is your RESPONSIBILITY, it is your RIGHT!!!We live in a free country and we have fought and earned that RIGHT! You have to realize that although you may not feel that your vote counts, the fact that you CAN vote is what matters.

    In many countries around the world, people have NO say what-so-ever in the govt process. We have a say as to building new roads, new schools, or allowing a smut shop next door to us. So, in many instances, your vote does COUNT! Vote soon and vote OFTEN.LOL. Stuff that ballot box with as many ballots as you can get.

    Seriously though, it is a RIGHT given to us by the constitution. Take it seriously.


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