went to big "family apostafest" last night....what a blast!

by oompa 12 Replies latest jw friends

  • Hope4Others

    Attention, Attention microphone Oompa had a great time!

    Love to hear it, so glad your so up about meeting new Friend's. Maybe when I'm real comfortable I will seek out some x's here.



  • bebu

    I'm so glad to hear that you feel connected and adopted by such a great family! I think that will make a world of difference to you from here on out, won't it?


  • esw1966

    Very cool! Sounds like an awesome time!

    They said they just kept on loving the dubs still in, and by moving on and having a good life, it seemed to draw other family members out. They all felt that trying to explain, push, debate, argue the REAL TRUTH, you will push others away (like I did before I finally shut up).

    I really liked that bit of encourgment. I needed to hear that. It has been something I have been trying to get through to myself, but at times it feels like silence will just allow them to get in deeper. So, it's hard for me to keep quiet, but I realize it really does no good.


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