I talked with my FIL today about the Beth-HELL firings

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  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy

    Yup, my father in law has been baptized over 50 years. He is a genuine Christian person. He bases all of his advise in the bible. A Reina Valera Bible, nwt, or any Bible. Not wt publications. He is one of a handful of people that I respect in the wt. He is perceptive of many things and we have had many discussions on how there is a real lack of Agape in the wt. He often tells me he gets more kindness from his worldly neighbors than his wife, family and the cong.

    So, today he came over to see my wife and me. He has been feeling very down because of the way his pioneer wife takes the sisters to the meetings and the doctor while still on the theocratic clock but nags him for being sick. She wont take him to the doctor or the pharmacy. She moved out of their room and has been trying to poison him. (I have notified the Tulare Sheriff about this. But, no evidence means no charges.) Before he left I planted a seed with him. I told him about my cousin who is solid in the wt. She told me she met a brother I grew up with and who had been at beth-HELL since 1970 or so. She says he was very depressed because he was fired and has no health insurance and no kids to help support him since he gave his youth to the wt and is now mid-fifties and ill. The jobs he can take pay mnimum wage and not enought to get him an apartment so he floats from house to house and stays with family.

    When I told him they sold the housing building and terminated a few hundred brothers from NY beth-HELL his jaw hit the floor. He said that that sounded uncoscienable to treat them that way. He has never heard of it. I told him that they are cutting back and he said, ya like with the book quality! His sister and brother in law are no longer at beth-HELL and they never said why. They are serving in Nebraska now is all he knows.

    So, my seed is planted. I am going to skim the threads for some written proof so I can print it up for him to read. Wish me some success?

    I know that you guys have given me some support and now I have the strength to share what I know with people.....Thanx

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Greetings Tired,

    Some good-hearted and righteously inclined JWs who allow themselves to listen initially are shocked when confronted with the facts. Many of these same individuals will listen further and not attempt to dismiss the "truth." It may not be easy for them - how could it be? - but they are not the sort that would turn you in. I hope your seed planting bears fruit.


  • mouthy

    Good luck. Can imaging how FIL is feeling, poor soul.

  • FairMind

    Tired of the Hypocrisy

    You say your MIL is trying to poison your FIL. Not saying this couldn’t be true but do you have real evidence or could it be your FIL is paranoid?

  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy
    do you have real evidence or could it be your FIL is paranoid?

    The evidence we have is not enough for the sheriff's dept. to open a true investigation. She rarely cooks for him. She eats over the sink only foods that she cooks in small amounts for herself. When she cooks for him, he vomits violently and is so nauseated that he can barely lift his head. She makes him coffee every morning and some days he finds a strange substance at the bottom of the cup. On those days he gets violently ill. When my wife and I and our kids have eaten what she makes for him we all get sick, but not to the degree that he does.

    Here is a bit of background on her. She came to this country illegally with her husband from Mexico, via Texas. They had kids in the early 1970's so they were allowed work permits. They learned the truth according to the wt and were baptized. He abused her and cheated on her and wound up impregnating another sister in their cong in Northern California. She begged him to stay with her but he told her that he did not love her anymore and poof, he was gone.

    She was alone raising two girls and working all the while verbally and physically abusing them both. Forcing them to go to meetings, but not really teaching them anything. They grew up to resent her over time. They lived in squalor, with little to eat, on welfare, her working, and roaches covering most of their little apartment. She also sent money back to her family in Mexico.

    Well, she was working at a quick-build and saw a brother with a very large luxury car pull up. This tall and lean brother had the look of money. She made inquiries about him and she learned that he had been married before, was divorced but marriage material. She also learned that many sisters had their eye on him. He is the man who would later become my father in law via his daughter.

    Well, he was working very hard and this gold digger would put herself in front of him at every opportunity. Flashing her toothy grin when his eye caught her. She forced a friend to introduce them and so began their relationship. It was honey this, honey that, kissy kissy, Oh how I love you! You know how it is when men and women get at each other......LOL

    Well, he went to visit her and noticed how she kept house like a pig in a poke and saw how her lack of food and money made her kids suffer, so he bought them clothes and food and helped her de-bug the house. Her smile was enchanting and he fell deeply in love with her. About a year went by and they were married. He was the happiest man alive, because he felt that God had given him a chance at being happy again. Too bad He had not........

    During the first week their was BLISS. Then she cooled off. When he asked what bothered her she auid that she didn't really like to kiss or make love. One month later to the day she told him that she never loved him. She saw him and his wealth and had decided to grab him to have a good father for her kids, and for his means for supporting her. He told her that a good father is also a good husband. But she told him that no, she had no feelings for him other than what she feels for any brother. Of course he was crushed. But, being a person who believes in doing good, he was determined to win her over with kindness and tenderness. Not gonna happen. She is a completely mercenary personality. If there is no financial gain for her she won't play. Both of her kids left the wt and she nags teh one with kids about the troof every chance she gets. The other girl studies now and then.....

    Fastforward 20 years. It is 2005 and he begins to feel ill after he eats her food and certain days when he drinks her coffee. She confides to my wife that she is convinced that he is a drug addict and an apostate, because he is too sick to go to work or to meeting and service. He has been disabled for years after suffering several heart attacks "AT WORK!!" Hello! She also says that she is thinking of contacting Dorothea Puente and asking her for her recipe book. (Dorothea Puente was the notorious F Street murderess of Sacramento, CA who poisoned her tenants for their social Security checks.)

    Last year my wife was going through some drawers helping her dad to organize a few things when she found a box with photos of her ex and love letters she writes to him. Poems and everything. My wife showed dad and now he knows that she never got over the ex. She still pines after a man that abused her and her kids, who cheated on her and humiliated her. She is retarded.

    She mentions several times that she is tired of him always being sick and for him to hurry up and die already. (How loving for a pioneer to speak like this....) She ehars him struggling for air at times and grabbing his chest and she walks passed him with not so much as a glance toward him. Her main concern is that she keeps all of her paycheck in her own account so he must pay all the bills with his pension money. She is always inquiring about his retirement account and to make sure he knows that she is getting it when he dies. Just last month she asked him if he had all of his funeral arrangements in order. He asked her why she needed to know......He is going to die one day and everything will be hers, what is the rush?

    We called the Sheriff and told them this, and they said they could only act after the fact. My next call is to Adult Protective Services to begin a paper trail of abuse and neglect.

  • DT

    I'm sorry to hear about your FIL. It sounds like he is a good guy. I hope he can find a way to escape his bad situation.

    I'm interested in seeing how these layoffs effect the Witnesses. I wonder what the effect will be in the congregations when Bethelites return from their "lifelong career" and have to struggle without assistance from the Society. I hope it will have a sobering effect on many.

  • horrible life
    horrible life

    Tired, which one is your wife?

    Both of her kids left the wt and she nags teh one with kids about the troof every chance she gets. The other girl studies now and then.....

    I would order the book myself, from this Dorothea Puente. See if any of her poisons reveal his symptoms. I have seen somewhere that your fingernails reveal alot about being poisoned.

    Find out about some blood tests, to be able to test for some well known poisons.

    I am just saying, that I would take a very active role, in finding out what is happening to him. Can he save some of the food that makes him sick? Use the internet, to find common poisons that are around most homes, that she could use. She sounds like a very evil woman. My mother never tried to poison me that I know of, LOL, but that didn't stop the feeling that I received every day, that she was sorry I existed, or was born. Just being a JW, does not make you a nice person. They can be just as evil as any mass murderer, and justify it in their minds, that Jehovah would have destroyed them anyway, and they were right to help him. Jehovah would agree, and they may even think that Jehovah would thank them.

    Use the internet. Take some blood and saliva samples and store them in the freezer if nothing else, to be able to preserve some evidence, in case he dies, and is cremated very fast, without you knowing.

    Do you think I watch too much TV???????????

  • FairMind

    What horrible life said is what you should do. Sounds like you may save your FIL's life and wind up putting a criminal in Jail. This is something you have to move on quickly because to wait will probably be the death of your FIL.

  • Hortensia

    call adult protective services. Don't say she is trying to poison him. Say that she eats only small amounts of food she prepares herself, over the sink. Say that when he eats what she cooks he gets violently ill. Say that she won't take him to the doctor or the pharmacy. You don't have to say who you are - it's anonymous - but someone will go out and check on him in person. He should tell that person the truth - and you don't need to worry about them believing her. They've seen everything and know a lot about elder abuse.

  • MeneMene
    I have seen somewhere that your fingernails reveal alot about being poisoned.

    See if you can find a lab in your area that will do these tests and take your FIL. They can also take some samples of his hair and test for poisons and drugs.

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