What is the basis for authority for the governing body?

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  • stuckinarut2

    Great thread!

    They have the authority because they tell the flock that they deserve such authority because Jehovah himself gives them this authority......

  • Absalom
    I realize that they will quote the scripture in ! cor. 13:8 about powers going away, but I wish someone would challenge them to a fire holder test, like Moses and Korah, or the fire from heaven elijah test. In either case I believe that absolutely nothing would happen. It would prove they are frauds, or vice versa if it actually worked.
  • Half banana
    Half banana

    It seems we are unanimous that the GB has NO AUTHORITY to demand anything of their members.

    There is no evidence whatsoever that God has singled them out for special attention or given them “charge over all his belongings” (as if God exists at all).

    So the recommendation is that all JWs pack your bags and stop going to the meetings and listening to or reading the UNAUTHORISED garbage which they spew out. If God were backing the WTBTS he would make sure their predictions were fulfilled without the perpetual and farcical “new light” adjustments. They have never got ANYTHING right and never will. They are a danger to family life and the innocent children who have the misfortune to be brought up in their ranks. They stifle the human spirit and only hold out the alluring hope of life in paradise which is neither theirs to offer nor will ever come true.

    All in all; the JW org is a disaster.

  • Finkelstein

    You create religions by lying and this also is supposed to nourish people's spirituality. ???

    When reflectively thinking back upon J Rutherford proclamation that (his) newly acquired religion had been chosen by god in 1919, .tells a tale of self opportunistic propaganda. Rutherford's aggressive take over of the WTS was brought on by the preconceived acknowledgment that he would immersed himself in power and control over people already cultivated by his predecessor C Russell and bask in the money which Russell left in the WTS. publishing house.

    Wave money and power in men's faces and watch what happens.

  • OneFingerSalute
    We are the FDS because we say we are. And because we are we know we are. If we weren't then we wouldn't know we weren't. So SIT DOWN, SHUT UP, and OBEY us!
  • done4good


    Knorr and friend eventually made comments about a GB, and so they had to form one since they talked about it.

    Not exactly. The WT had a governing body like most any other corporation, its board of directors. This was not a doctrinally oriented group, but rather one that was responsible for WT business. This group had a fall out with Knorr/Franz circa 1971, (presumably over Franz's 1975 nonsense), and used their executive power to create a group that took ecclesiastical power away from the presidency later that same year. Of course, so there did not appear to be any mutiny, Knorr and Franz were "absorbed" into this group, (however, they did not go willingly). The "Governing Body" came into existence at this time, although did not come into full power then.

    It was no coincidence that this group did come into full power January 1, 1976. This action was an obvious symbolic middle finger to Knorr/Franz. (Is that a symbol of a symbol?? )


  • Finkelstein

    How could F Franz be a conniving corrupt bullshiter that created 1975 and still be recognized as the FDSL.

    Something not right here.

    Ok so he corruptly devised a dating system of 6000 years of mans existence used previously from C T Russell who used it 60 years earlier, that doesn't necessarily make him a crook , even though every academically trained bible theologian knows thats an imposable calculation to make from the bible itself or archaeological sources.

    F Franz should have been the spiritually strongest member of the JWS since he was mainly responsible for the bible interpretations ?

  • stuckinarut2

    The WHOLE BASIS of claimed authority is due to the GB using matt 24:45. "Faithful and discreet slave"....


    If that is to be taken literally, so too should other parables of Jesus, such as the "10 virgins" or any other illustrative parable!

    Talk about selective reasoning....

  • pontoon
    A huge part of their authority comes from the millions of witnesses that recognize and accept them as their authority. They are only the authority over people who allow them to be. Most of us on JWN decided not to let them have authority over us anymore and that's it, they no longer do, nothing they can do about it. Can't arrest, prosecute, fine, or jail us. No more authority.

    According to the FDS, the "FDS" story is a parablophecy, that is to say, a parable of prophetic signifidance."

    If you were the FDS, Jeehoobie's spirit would make sure that YOU were in the magical boardroom on Wednesday and Jeehoobster would reveal to YOU which parables had parablophetical meaning and which ones didn't.

    The very fact that you cannot tell the difference between parables and parablophecy mean that you can't be the FDS! Only anti-Christ apostates would claim to have Jeehobo's backing while lacking parablophetic deciphering skills.


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