What is the basis for authority for the governing body?

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  • flipper

    " What is the Basis for Authority for the Governing Body " ?

    Themselves. They give themselves the authority because they say they can. As Oubliette stated , " they seize the authority " - nobody gives it to them- they just take it. Narcissists do that because they are legends in their own minds


    Look at it from their perspective. They learn "the truth" and "Jeehoober" blesses them by having them rise through the ranks. They have been surrounded by the "Theocracy" and witnessed many changes/progress.

    In their minds, they MUST be chosen by Jeehoober! Otherwise, why would they be at HQ?

    Also, since God is blessing them with material prosperity and progress, he must be pleased with them. So they can't be the "evil slave." Unless they accept the possibility that they are not specifically chosen by God, and are just another sect ( goodbye,selling point/appeal ), then the only logical conclusion is that they are the FDS.

    Their power is so very fragile. Pulling one thread or bumping one domino could be disasterous for their entire world view. It's just too much to even dare to contemplate. So it's full steam ahead!!


  • pontoon
    In a simple example; take any number of people, 5, 10, 15.... all hired at the same time for the same money to do the same job with the same status. One of those people is going to end up telling the others what and how to do it and the rest of the people will not only take that direction but they will start to look to that self appointed leader for direction. It's "Lord Of the Flies" and it is the way it goes. The JW GB thing is more complex but in a nutshell that's it.
  • ToesUp

    They are legends in their own minds.

    If you have ever worked/lived closely with a Narcissist (I mean a true blue Narcissist) they are EXACTLY like the Goberning Body. They adore themselves and NO ONE else matters at all. It's all about them! Same with most of the Elders in the Congregation. The acorn (NUT) does not fall far from the tree.

  • Lieu
    Pretty much because they said so. I don't pay any attention to them personally. It's kinda creepy the way they are worshipped by JWs and how they place themselves in Christ's role as mediator.( Likely why Jesus is rarely mentioned by JWs and completely "skipped over".)
  • jwleaks

    The basis for the authority of the governing body of Jehovah's Witnesses is because it says so in the Watchtower magazine. (Don't think too hard on that one!) Reminds me of the other "one true" religion...

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Are there no defenders of the faith out there?

    The governing body of the WTBTS claim to be the exclusive channel of communication between men and God... using them as his mouthpiece! JWs agree that the only people who say they have authority from God to organise his work are the GB... and they have appointed themselves?

    So as an outsider, I arrive at the Kingdom Hell and I say “How can I know that these guys in Brooklyn are the channel between God and men?”

    How possibly could a believer now even attempt to claim that these men are from God?

  • Fernando

    JW: Because they say so.

    RC: What about the Pope and college of Cardinals?

    JW: They're lying... Our clericalism and magisterium is from God himself.

  • Fernando

    On page 5569 (Laodicean Messenger 1923) it is made clear that CTR was the only FDS for all time:

    "Would it not, then, be well for us all to adjust our minds to the thought that God never intended that there should be but one servant, who at any time would be made “ruler over all His goods”; furthermore, that Charles Taze Russell filled this office from first to last; having no predecessor, and it is quite certain that no successor was intended."

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