Clarity in the Afterlife? If there IS an afterlife.

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  • Low-Key Lysmith
    Low-Key Lysmith


    I apologize for calling you an ass. Rough day, short fuse-no fault of yours.

    I was watching an episode of Ghost Hunters that I DVR'd earlier today. Got my mind going. I guess I just sincerely hope that now that my mom has passed, that she somehow finally figured it all out & that I, when I go, will do the same.


  • Mindchild_rebooted

    Hi Gregor, My experience doesn't exactly fit with the question you asked but perhaps you may find it interesting.

    About 3 years ago, a local friend who was a natural healer, encouraged me to try talking to a medium friend she frequently used to help her develop her spiritual outlook on life. I told her that I really didn't have any confidence in mediums or the supernatural (although I had previously had some eye opening personal experiences I couldn't explain) but thanks to her encouragement, I told her I would give her friend a call.

    I was determined to make it a scientific experiment though and wasn't about to give out any personal information about myself and had a list of questions I was going to ask about my life that I was sure nobody else really knew about. I should also tell you in advance that I lost all contact with my JW family decades ago when they told me never to contact them again. I had no idea of where they were living or if my parents were still even alive. Anyway, when I called the medium, it was far from the experience I expected (you know... a lot of WooWoo and weird stuff) and this lady was very friendly and immediately started talking about my family and personal history in amazing detail, even disclosing the family secret that my JW father had a secret second family with children who were not Witnesses, while still living with my family. The medium told me that my mother had died a few years earlier (I later found this out by searching for obituary records) and kept calling "the truth" "the religion" over and over and why she stuck with it even though her life was miserable. She told about her new job in the afterlife (working with my JW grandmother and a group of 5 nonhuman beings and an old human writer) to help me in my quest to understand my role and purpose in life and recover from the negative things that had happened to me and to help me in my goal of changing myself and having a more productive life.

    I have to tell you, I was getting pretty emotional towards the end of the conversation and not only did I realize that she had addressed all the questions I was going to ask about my personal history but she was speaking to me in such a fast conversational mode, there was just no time for this lady to stop and make things up! Even though it was such a strong emotional experience, intellectually I didn't want to believe it. In fact, at the time, I had no basis for believing in God (I became an atheist after leaving the Witnesses) or the afterlife, spirits, the whole package to speak. Since that event, I've come across an amazing and eclectic array of scientific evidence that has changed my world views dramatically. As for the whole package of New Thought memes, well I'm not there yet and may never be but things don't sound so crazy to me. There was at least a few things said in the hour phone reading that didn't make sense but I would say that the medium got it about 80% right. I may do the whole medium trip again someday but I'm still trying to wrap myself around the possibility that it could be real and that nobody ever really dies.

  • jaguarbass

    My brother has told me my father has come back and visited him. But since my brother left the cult long before my father died the topic of the Jehobers Witnesses never came up. He's more into flipping light switches.

  • Satanus

    Mostly, they can't contact us. Some probably carry on to other places and never look back. When i saw my brother on the other side, he was so overjoyed to FINALLY have that happen. It came about through focussed meditation and chanting. Most of us are totally tuned out of that realm. Like all the electromagnetic radiation saturating the space around us, that we cannot pick up, so we can't recieve from our loved ones on the other side. To recieve a slice of the electromagnetic signals on this side, we need tvs, radios, cellphones, etc. So far, no gadgets to tune in to the other side are available. So, w special practices, SOME people are able to do it w their own extra sense.

    I believe that things suddenly get a lot clearer for people when they pass on.


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