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  • avishai

    Great stuff. I really dug the "irrelevant" scripture stuff. Thanks for pointing it out!

  • logic

    I also thankyou for the irrelevant scripture thing . All the years I was in the org. I thought most of the scriptures never made any sense. It proves that the jws do not pay any attention to what they read. I have asked my wife hundreds of times what this or that scripture had to do with anything. And your analogy about poop is just what the jws are doing.

    Just a side point. I thought they were going to reduce the amount of paragraphs to be studied. I guess they lied about that too.

  • Gopher

    S.O.S. that I heard for decades when I was a JW. Absolutely nothing new here.

    For example:

    10) If Jehovah's day comes tomorrow, will you really be ready for it?

    I don't think those who have been around the organization for more than 10 years will fall for a line like this any more. The end is indefinitely delayed in the minds of all but the most-deluded JW's or the newbies in their midst (of whom there are less and less in industrialized countries).

    The middle paragraphs flog the flock for not being kind to each other. The implication seems to be that you had better be nice because you'll need each other during the "impending great tribulation". Get your marriages in shape, confess any unconfessed sins. All this is false urgency.

    23) The benefits we now enjoy as Jehovah's people are beyond our imperfect efforts to number or evaluate.

    This is an example of hyperbole. HI--PURR-BO-LEE (for those of you at the WT Society who need to bone up on your vocabulary).

    Let me try to "number or evaluate" the ACTUAL benefits Jehovah's people enjoy: Zero. There, that wasn't too hard to "number or evaluate", was it? Any number higher than that is just in the imagination of the optimistic JW.

  • B_Deserter

    This was very eye-opening to read. It made me aware of another tactic the Watchtower uses: using random phrases from random verses in order to make it *look* like their ideas are backed by the Bible, when really there is no backing at all.

  • AlyMC

    "Long gone are the days of the Kool-Aid opening paragraphs that we used to see before there were public and private editions of the Watchtower."

    I'm sorry, I've been out for 4 years and haven't kept up at all... there are public and private versions of the Watchtower now? I wonder which version we've been getting from my mother in law?!

  • Gopher
    there are public and private versions of the Watchtower now? I wonder which version we've been getting from my mother in law?!

    Starting with the Janaury 2008 issues, the "publishers-only" Watchtower will be dated for the 15th of the month, and will contain 4 or 5 Sunday study articles (depending on how many weeks there are in a given month). The edition to be placed in Field Misery will have the date of the 1st of the month.

  • AlyMC

    I find that fascinating, and I am unsure why. Thank you so much for filling me in!

  • Burger Time
    Burger Time

    Oh god that article was dozy. Especially the "belonging to the only organization that will make it through". Puke*Vomit*Hurl*

  • chickpea

    never before have i laughed thru a reading/study of the watchtower....

    just remind me not to eat the snacks at your house...... i am not totally convinced about the p00p scriptures (d@mn!! does that mean i am not ready for the great day?!)

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