Watchtower Library 2007

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  • SnakesInTheTower


    The cd's are meant only for jw's correct? if not, how will they handle the cd's with the new 'members only' wt's?

    The same way they are supposed to handle the Watchtower Library CD....the CD is also considered "members only" and always has... note this from the September 2006 Kingdom Ministry (which I pulled from the 2006 CD):

    Please note that WatchtowerLibrary—2006Edition is a provision for baptized members of the congregation and is made available only through the congregation.

    So us evil apostates just have to rely on those still attending those mind numbing meetings to post it on the web as our "Food {gag} at the proper time." Snakes ()

  • MissingLink

    Foyc has a link to it if you PM him. And it's on edonkey here -- Watchtower Library 2007.rar

  • CharlieBrownsLovelyDaughter


    I have downloaded the GI file. I have downloaded the ISO program. I have burned the GI file to a CD.

    I can read nothing. Can anyone give me a walk through?? And yes, I know, apparently one can be just this stupid.

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