Microphone Man

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  • OnTheWayOut

    I need to send it to some JW's myself.

    I wonder if they will ask how I found it.

    Outsiders would go "WTF???"

  • startingover

    Look at the other videos Stevocircus has submitted. He did a spoof on one semester in Spanish love song, and a good one about liking chinese, you can always say you found the microphone man because you saw the other ones.

  • dinah

    That was great!

    It's doubtful that anyone who had never been to a Hall would understand it though.

  • chickpea

    such an insider joke!! too spot on to be made up!

    for some reason, the other day, i recalled the privileged ones who did the sound at the DC/CA and how serious and robotic they were "handling the mics aright", coiling the wire just so, and the short speedy steps they took on the platform readying the stage for the next portion of blather and spew.... such bragging rights for their proud parents, eh?

  • AlmostAtheist

    Very well done and funny! Though it brings a tear to my eye to think of the time they spent on this video that could have been better spent in the ministry, or in personal study. I'm thinking a "local needs" part is in order...

  • VoidEater

    Maybe you don't *have* to be a JW, but it helps! LOL in embarrasing snorts.

    The "I LIke Chinese" is (as I'm sure many know) by Monty Python.

  • NewYork44M

    Funny. Is this the same bro from "super pioneer?"


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