New Bethel layoffs confirmed - we get our very own "special" pioneers!

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  • sir82
    They pay eight dollars an hour in Mongolia? Wow, times have sure changed.

    That's the conversion rate, for our American friends.

    The real pay is 4 pounds of yak butter per week, plus all the goat hair your ox can carry.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    We, too, have a SP arriving in March.

    When I arrived at Bethel in the late 60s, a change had just occurred re: the tax status of Bethelites. What exactly it was I don't recall; however, it involved our filling out tax forms wherein our volunteer labor was equated into terms of dollars and cents.

    Would that in some manner translate into cumulative "earnings" toward eventual SS benefits?


  • minimus

    My guess is that the special pioneer couple will show that they are pissed very early on.

  • Seeker4

    Several years ago I had friends who had been working on the Patterson building project for five years. At the end of that time, Bethel was really pushing a lot of the workers to consider making Bethel life their "career." This couple talked it over and decided that's what they would do.

    Literally a couple of months later the Patterson project was winding down, and with no construction work, hundreds of these couples were asked to leave, including my friends!

    To say that this couple was a bit disillusioned is putting it mildly. This current round of layoffs at Bethel will just create more ill will.



  • blondie

    Having talked to Ray Franz about his own situation and how Ed had to work for his brother for several years (10 to qualify for SS), I don't know of any SS arrangement for Bethelites. They waive those rights, and then the WTS does not have to pay in as most employers do.

  • nvrgnbk

    Bethel isn't even using the lube on these poor people.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Sir82, I believe your story, but I want to understand what WTS is up to.

    I believe they are concerned about "laying off" Bethelites in New York State
    or New York City without providing something for them. They must have been
    informed by lawyers that there would be trouble if they didn't give something.
    There would be court decisions against WTS, possibly for higher amounts.
    This amount was probably selected as a bare minimum to show they care and
    keep the laid off members from considering lawsuits.

    For their $600, they would not only maintain their high special pioneer hours,
    but they would be told that they must "encourage the congregation" and
    be highly available and visible, not just working with each other.

    I imagine in the future, they are considering keeping staff at a minimum and
    getting many to voluntarily leave because they are sick of the workload and the
    long travel to meetings from rural New York State. If someone doesn't leave
    when they want him to, they could jerk them around on work assignments and
    congregation assignments. They might also just keep getting young virgin
    men who will eventually want to get married and leave.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    That answers my question ... thanks, Blondie.


  • ldrnomo

    Either they are dumber than rocks or they really believe the BS

    So the bible is right, the rocks will cry out.

  • WTWizard

    What about "low cost housing"? This usually means some run-down house or apartment in a high crime neighborhood where there is a lot of noise late at night (so much for being able to sleep), that is barely big enough to hold the two people and bare necessities. The "part time job" likely means washing windows or dishes, or scrubbing toilets.

    Then, what happens the one month when they cannot make their time? Supposed one or both gets Spanish flu and is laid up in the hospital for a whole month or the better part of it. That will prevent them from getting their time in. I suppose that will be grounds to totally cut them off from making any money at all, which means their whole life will crumble around them for only getting one hour short because of severe problems.

    This is also the position the Watchtower Society wants everyone in. They are totally dependent on the Tower for a minimal amount of money, and if they make one little mistake, they lose it all. I suppose that listening to a bit of rap music, even if it's clean rap, or not having the proper color field circus bag, will also get them cut off. Never mind if one or both of them find out that the whole thing is a scam and cannot continue for conscience reasons.

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