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  • MominAustin

    HI, I, too, was raised as a JW. My mom still goes to the meetings and out in service when she can, but due to age, she has some troubles (she's 69 and legally blind). My oldest sister is VERY active although her teenage daughters are inactive and disfellowshipped for VERY unfair reasons. (there were two people (also in trouble with the elders at the time) that claimed she did something she says she didn't do and they believed the two with the same story, of course, even though she admited to doing something WORSE not long before that got her put on whatever it's called now... reprove or limited priviliages??... oooh and one other person did support her story but that wasnt good enough 2 and 2 seems like a nuetral zone to me.....) I do have more family that is in the truth, including a niece my age who's husband (no more than 30) is an elder....Seems a bit young? Maybe a Ministerial servant but elder???? You've got to be kidding me. Anywho, I stopped going to meetings around 17 (I was baptized at 15 after a close friend in the congregation died). I haven't been to a meeting in ages (not counting one here and there and this year's memorial). I am not disfellowshipped but so much "stuff" makes me wonder what I ever saw and what my family still sees. It SCREAMS cult, IMO. I just cant disassociate myself and hurt my family like that... I tried going back but all the new "rules" and things I neve knew that I found out baffle me (including things married couples can't do behind closed doors) Anyways thats me. I am 25, married and have a son. I do wish to somewhat remain anonymous so I prefer not to use my real name, so I am MominAustin :) . ---update oh and about a YEAR? and a hakf? or so ago and "sister" came to my door and it really played on my emotions, so I TRIED going back- BLECH. That sister then passed me onto a PIONEER. (why the F would she do that?!!).....OMFG.... that women came by the same time everytime, about once a month. At the worst time -- feeding my son lunch or when I Had company... I saw her eyes roll MANY time when I Said this. I'd requested she NEVER EVER come by on a weekend - that is 100% family time... WEll--- one day about a month and half ago she came by on a SATURDAY and came into my NEIGHBOR'S yard because she saw me there.......HOW RUDE WAS THAT?????!! Anyways I told her that her randomness and inability to respect my wishes was upsetting me and not getting her anywhere to get me back to the meeting so I would prefer she not come back again unless I called the hall asking for it...(strangely my mom agreed she shouldn't be coming by with the attitude she had and when I told her that -- in not quite those words- she was SHOCKED but turned around and left.

  • mouthy

    Welcome aboard. Glad you have not been disfellowshipped from the "LIE" not the truth.

    Thanks for sharing a bit about your self. This site is usually a place for unconditional love.

    But like all else in the world .....they do at times have disagreements !!!!But please dont let that deter you,,,,,,, it is a place where I always believed it was Unconditional love.....

    I am so happy your here. Dont voice your concerns to any in the WT if you want to keep your family as the elders will make sure you wont have any one to love you Good Luck Oops I mean good fortune ????

  • hillbilly

    welcome to the campfire.....


  • MominAustin

    Oh- I am also struggling now with my desire to become a member of a REAL Christian Church. The Pastors there have been very understanding of me not becoming a REAL official member....once I do they/I think it's only right that my family knows........and I can't lose my family. . . I am sure many of you understand that.

  • MominAustin

    Sadly - while they are being VERY patient for me they keep comparing me to a JEW becoming a Christian or a Mormon or some other non christian religions....... They keep doubting that I will be SHUNNED and think that it will just be a "phase" and they will get over it --- they can't understand that it is "THE LAW OF THE LAND" for JW to abandon an "apostate".

  • Quandry

    Welcome to the forum!!!!

    After you left at such a young age, didn't they come and try to get you to "come back?" In some congregations they are all over people and in others if you don't show up at meetings, it's as if you never existed.

    My husband and I left because my daughter at sixteen did some normal teen stuff, but was accused of things she didn't do, demeaned and humiliated by five men in a back room late, late at night, and told she was filth in God's eyes. Then, of course, they df'd her, never explaining exactly why.

    Feel the love.......

  • cognac


    Yeah, the whole shunning thing is difficult for anyone to believe. It's just to shocking for anyone to realize just how horrible it is...

  • digderidoo

    Hello and Welcome! I too do not want to dissacociate myself due to family, but i have been out well over 10 years.


  • dawg

    Glad to have you....

    Even happier you found out what a waste the JWs are.. good luck in your travels.

  • MominAustin

    It's a long story but I did a good fade.......and something happened a few months into my fade process so I had to move......the hall wasn't "equipped" for my new situation and they didn't want to bother to make it so......just wanted me to try and work around it.....I know I am being vague and I am sorry....I guess I just faded well/they didn't care enough combo.

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