Janitor question and the KH phone is busy

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  • WTWizard

    The easiest way is to wheel it with a ramp. If you do not have a ramp (and no one will help you, or you need to do this repeatedly), you will have to lift carefully. I recommend using your back in tandem with your leg muscles to lift--not to the point of straining either (if you are not used to lifting with your back, I suggest using extreme caution and letting the legs do most of the work until your back muscles can be built up). Lifting it from the bottom with the weight close to your body makes the most sense, if only because you are better able to control the machine that way. Needless to say, you must make sure you have good footing before trying this since a fall with such a load will do more damage than improper lifting.

    If you are going to do this regularly, I highly recommend building up your abs and back muscles to make it safer. One thing I have found helpful is a Torso Tiger-TM or something similar. Once you use that, you are working the back and all the ab muscles. A pair of Ab Dollies-TM or similar products (if you are handy, you can put casters on a piece of plywood and it will do the same thing). With that, practice the twisting and going side to side with it. If you have two, you could also do other exercises that require two of them. Stay regular with those exercises (it will probably take less than 5 minutes a day). Ultimately, this will use all the ab and back muscles, reducing the risk of some unused muscle getting hurt and wrenching your back. And thus it will make it safer to lift that thing in and out of the truck, since you will be splitting the load between the knees and the back.

    Of course, a power lifter will make the job much easier. But those things take space that may not be available (you do need to take it out of the truck when you get to the job), and they depend on electricity that might not be available at the site where you need to remove it. I definitely suggest investing the $20 or so on a nice, sturdy piece of plywood to create a ramp to move that thing (the safest and easiest way).

  • Gregor

    I think I need sphincter dilation therapy.

    Check with your local Catholic church. Many priests are skilled in the technique.

  • primitivegenius

    lol if it was the propane buffer i could tell you easily how to get it into anything shy of a monster truck...... unfortunately you got the heavy ass electric one...... there is just no easy way for that one

    propane you just run the nose up about two feet away from your tail gate and then lift the handle and twist it around untill the rear wheel just HOOKS the tailgate....... then you grab the aluminum front shround and pick that bastard up all the while pushing it into the bed of the truck. ive loaded them into vans into trucks....... even on a trailor or two lol.

    the electrics i always had to manhandle

  • Dismembered

    Greetings Garybuss,

    Here's an idea By going back to the meetings you could get the "friends" to help you with your lorry load. They like doing that kind of stuff.


  • oompa

    You can kill your back with a ramp...especially if it starts to roll over or get away from you. Dang it outlaw is right! a boat winch for $15.00 will let you loop the strap around the handle and just crank it up while it is laying on its backside. If you are going to transport it a lot though, there is a neat electric lift that fits in your receiver hitch. I think Northern Tool has them for under $400.00. you just roll it on the platform, hit the button, and it will raise it to van or tailgate height! Lifts about 300 pounds I think...............................oompa

  • RunningMan
    Ya couldn't have pulled a pin out of my ass with a bulldozer.

    I was going to tell you exactly how to do it, but now that you've planted that mental image in my mind, you can damn well figure it out yourself.

  • worldtraveller

    Sounds like a job for a block and tacle. Just need a tree nearby.

  • RunningMan
    Sounds like a job for a block and tacle. Just need a tree nearby.

    No, if a bulldozer can't do it, I doubt if a block and tackle would me of much use.

  • garybuss

    I got it out okay and it went up the three steps into the apartment pretty east because of those nice wheels on back. I like the box and the winch ideas both. I'm gonna work on that. This buffer is the heaviest thing I haul to jobs. My tile saw is easier to load than this buffer.

    I'll only be using it to refinish wood floors so it won't be going to every job. Thanks for all the ideas.

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