I want to go to a mtg simply to see people, but I know I'll regret it

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  • WTWizard

    I have had dreams of attending just one more meeting for some stupid reason, and then regretting it just as the hounders are starting to show up. True, I would like to see if our congregation is starting to tank or if the membership is now pushing 500 now that I am gone. But, either way, if I show up at so much as one meeting, they now have all sorts of options.

    First, they could just start nagging you to go back to all the boasting sessions in preparation to go out in field circus again. They could also start asking the sort of questions designed to get you in a no-win situation. Or, they could decide to never let you go inactive again and set up arrangements so you will always be at the boasting sessions, like it or not. There is no consistency with that organization, and what might be likely with one person could well be impossible with someone else or in a different congregation.

    I suggest that you never set foot inside the Kingdumb Hell again. No matter what, you are going to get harassed. Whether for recapture or disfellowshipping purposes, it is never pleasant (otherwise, you would have wanted to go back for the program and not just for the "friends". All they wanted anyways is a reason to dump you (if you have family or prospects, or are a sister) or recapture you (if you are a single "brother" with no prospects or they think you are a borderline case that they can hound or force back without too much trouble). Better to use reasoning: The cost is probably going to exceed whatever benefits going to one more boasting session will yield.

  • tijkmo

    go...with the knowledge you are going on your terms..that nothing anyone will say or do will affect you..

    say hi to whoever you need to..and invite them to come see you whenever they want.. ignore any attempts by elders to involve you in 'procedures' by just laughing them off (in a jovial not sneering way)

    veiw it as a kind of reunion..

    be unembarassable.


  • R.Crusoe

    I remind myself of before I got baptised when I kept being asked how I prayed and whether it was to ritualistic and whether it had affected my being able to feel I was talking to God!

    It had me changing all sorts of things I had never previously thought about! It made me start thinking about thinking about praying whereas before I had done it from my heart without fuss!

    They thought they had to teach me how to pray because obviously I had no idea from my previous 20 years because I was not a JW!

    It's when you realise the lack of respect their belief has for humans both before conversion and after they leave their organisation which helps you realise they are a brainwashed bunch of indoctrinated humans following a Pied Piper they think is taking them to fields of gold whilst rejecting all who refuse to follow!

    Remeber they have absolutely no respect for you as a human being in your present state of mind outside of their brain drain think tank apart from to draw you in again. So they do not view you as an individual but as prospective fuel for their cause! And you, I suspect, find that there are individuals outside of their scope who you are willing to respect for who they are without ever wanting to convert them. It is a fundamental difference between my thoughts and theirs. I could never think their way! And the more I look the more people I see who in their own right have my respect for being who they are absent any WTBTS mularkey.

  • Younglove1999

    Thank you so much for the replies and suggestions.

    After thinking it over more logically, I'm definitely not going to go. In fact, the same thoughts that many of you brought up were the same as mine.

    It's only been a year and my life has improved so much and the friends I have now in my life are my focus, not the old "friends" from the meetings.

    Also, like OTWO suggested, since I do talk to my parents who are still JW's, it's our intention right now to not ruffle any feathers or ruin that relationship and if going to a meeting puts on the radar and could possibly stir something up, I'd rather not.

    Thanks so much everyone

  • Gopher

    YL1999, you're welcome. That's what we're here for!

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