Watched the film Sicko by Michael Moore......

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  • brinjen

    Let's face it: There's both good stories and horror stories told from both the American health system, and a government run system like the Canadian, English and French have. The American's horror stories seem to be more when they're denied proper health care either due to no health insurance, or simply because some bastard of an Adjuster wanted that bonus and denied their claims. In the 'free' system, like ours, it's the wait lists that we complain most about, not the care itself. I can't imagine going in for a scan that shows you have a brain tumour, and then be told that "well, we're not going to do anything about it because we don't think it's life-threatening'.

    That's pretty much our only complaint about our health system, you have to wait a while to see a doctor sometimes.... Last time I waited 15 minutes, time before was over an hour.

    Emergency rooms can also be a long wait depending on the situation. Children, the elderly and pregnant women get seen to first, as well as anyone complaining of chest pains...

  • watson

    I did not like Michael Moore. Had no interest in seeing Sicko. Was convinced to see it. WOW. I wish everyone could see it. "Required Veiwing?"

    2 points that struck me:

    England initiated their national healthcare at the worst possible time in their history. Right after the devestation of WWII. They MADE it happen.

    If people don't have the threat of losing their health care, because of leaving their job, they will find work that they truly enjoy/love. Thus more productive, etc. Many people in the US feel they have to keep their job, no matter how miserable they are, because they fear the loss of their healthcare. Doing something you love might have it's own health benefits?

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