hi there! it's been a while since I've written a meaningful post

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  • 4mylove

    Don't apologize for the long post! This is exactly what my understanding is of this forum. A place to vent and seek answers w/o fear.

    Welcome back!?


  • veradico

    Well, Onesong, I gave a fair warning at the beginning of the post. :-) Have fun with the boys! You should bet some sort of edible items. Then a certain young man might take your bluffs more seriously.

  • veradico

    Abandoned -- I figured that was what you meant. :-)

  • worldtraveller

    Put it in a nutshell and I will read it.

  • veradico

    Ah! The Cliff Notes version: I had trouble getting to NH. I met my cousin on Facebook, and he turned out to be gay. I like The Golden Compass. I had a strange conversation with a Witness. And my aunt disowned me.

  • VoidEater

    Well worth the read - how else could you express this beautiful journey?

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    I knew there was a reason I like cats.

    Great post Veradico! Thanks for taking the time.

    I wish you well in school.

    Live well. I know you will.


  • dawg

    Man, you are an absolute freaking genius! I'm serious man, I was unable to stop reading it was so damn well written! I hope like freaking hell you'll never stop writing, never stop with that gift you have man...

    I just don't know what else to say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • moshe

    welcome back- uh- I just realized I might have ADD when I waded into your post.

  • veradico

    Thanks Voideater, Open mind, and dawg! You guys are awesome. Moshe -- I don't know. When I re-read what I wrote I think I might be the one with ADD. I only meant to say that _The Golden Compass_ is worth looking into, but it turned into an apologia for the whole story. I think I vented a lot about that movie because there's a Catholic girl in my department who just converted, and I recommended the series to her 'cause she liked C. S. Lewis' Narnia series. To be honest, I like Narnia as well; Lewis is one of my favorite authors. But whereas I find the differences between Lewis and Pullman refreshing, the Catholic girl said, "Veradico, these books are evil! I don't feel I can continue reading these, nor can I watch the movie and still consider myself a good Catholic." I told her that I don't think Pullman's real message is opposed to what is best in the Catholic tradition, especially if she were to look at the more recent feminist and liberation theologians. She's the same girl who I invited out during her first week here (no one else in the department was around, but I wanted her to get a good impression of us and the city.), and who, after she realized I'm gay because in the process of describing different places we could go I mentioned that the gay bar has good music and dancing and that I could introduce her to some of my friends there, went on to talk about how homosexuality is a sin and how she does not even feel it's right to alter her body by piercing her ears (mine are pierced.). I think she made the comment about piercings after we discussed the Catholic ban on birth control (i.e., whether it's wrong to interfere with "nature" in that way). She's a nice person; she's always friendly to me, but feeling judged is tiresome.

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