How many Of You...

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  • myababes

    I was 14 and can't really remember much about it, my mum and dad never really mentioned it to be honest it wasn't the be all and end all of things as I can remember. The one thing I do remember is that my mum wanted to buy a new stair carpet the year before and the elders telling her not to bother wasting her money as she wouldn't have it for long. I think she was quite peeved but my dads common sense prevailed and made her get one (looking back they were reasonably balanced actually). They then went on to have at least 3 more as we were growing up so it just goes to show.

  • jaguarbass

    I dont think living through armegedon in 1975 was that big a deal. It was kind of weak and wimpy.

    It was the 10 years before the big A of not getting an education and not living my life that wrecked my life and made me bitter.

  • evita

    I was 15/16 in 1975. I was baptized early that year at the circus assembly. We (mom and 2 siblings) were "new in the truth" and my mother had been baptized in 1974.

    1975 was a peak year for me as I was thoroughly indoctrinated at this point. Our congregation was very high on 1975 even though we were told from the platform that "no one knows the day or the hour". Yet excitment was in the air. Lots of field service activity, excitement about the assemblies, brothers and sisters all feeling the love. That was a great year to be a new JW!

    I think it took a couple of years for it to sink in that the new system was not around the corner. I remember some talk of "minor miscalculations" concerning the exact timing. People began going about their normal business but still feeling guilty and being disciplined harshly for it.

    By the time I turned 18, I was having major anxiety attacks about spending the rest of my life in such a stifling religion. I was aching to experience life, go to college, have normal relationships. But it took me another 4 years to actually leave/fade. And another 4 to deprogram myself.

    And here I am 20 years later posting on an Ex-Jw message board - LOL!
    Love you guys!


  • restrangled

    I was 15/16 in 1975.....My father was an elder and my mother a temp pioneer most months.

    I had 2 younger brothers and we all felt nuts.

    I think we all had a death "expectation".....not to be confused with a death wish.

    None of us were ever good enough and all expected be destroyed before we finished high school. We were no good with the elders, the society and would god possibly consider us worthy. That view point was so engrained it has stuck to this day.

    No interest in religion, praying,...... and god take me or leave me.....I don't play that game anymore.

    The society made sure they were the ones to worship and obey. I lost a brother in a motorcycle accident, my younger brother is a big Harley dude with the tatoos etc., and me,.... married raised 2 kids and still seem to be reeling even though I was asked to leave the house at age 17.

    I think I have made huge strides, especially with the help of this forum and some of its wonderful members, but......I still have not re-connected with god......and it eats at me. Sometimes I could care less and yet there are moments in life where I tear up and want to thank god but really don't know how and in the end feel he doesn't care anyway.


  • worldtraveller

    I was 19 at the time, but I was WAY too busy travelling up and down the coast all the way to TJ Mexico. Guess you could say I had a life. Had no idea about this nonsense.

  • oldflame

    I was in that age bracket in that time period. Man am I gettin old LOL but my mother was the one who joined in 75 and I was not living with here. I was raised by my father and not my mother, sometimes I thank God for that as I would of have been a jahoober then to if I was with my mom. They are still in and I stay as far away as possible from their religion.

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