Pleiadian Space God? Say it isn't so!

by kurtbethel 16 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

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    Good ol' Jehoober decided to move and get into real state. You know flipping properties. He figured that if he could use a big corporation, let's say, a publishing company, to buy big buildings in prime locations and use volunteers to fix these places up, he could make a killing on the maket. Of course, he then would have to kick out said volunteers or rather 'curtail redundancies in the human resources area'. And so he did, and so he has...

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    I believe that the insight and aid books still have the idea that yhwh lives somewhere within the universe, ie yhwh is still a space god. That makes the wt god much smaller than the christian/bible god. The christian god is considered to be outside of time and space.


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    Everybody knows that God's house in the Pleiades was just a summer rental. After realizing what he created, he looked both ways to make sure no one saw him and got the hell outta there and never returned. He didn't even mind losing his deposit...

  • Reverend Warhawk
    Reverend Warhawk


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    Those mo'fos from Aquarius scammed him.

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    Personally, I would've picked something a little more impressive such as M31 or the Eagle Nebula at least. Maybe there will be an addendum to the galactic PO box of the Almightly in publications to come,....

  • Doug Mason
    Doug Mason

    The length of our day is set by the time it takes our Earth to rotate about its axis. The length of our year is set by the time it takes our Earth to travel around its Sun.

    This means that the length of our day and our year is unique to our situation.

    How then could beings in the Pleiades synchronize their watches with ours? So then how would they know when it was 1914 CE on Earth? How would they synchronize their actions with our years?

    How long does it take for information to travel between Earth and the Pleiades? How long does it take light to travel here from there?

    Can we be certain that it is still there right at this moment, since the light we now see was created quite some time ago?

    How long would it take for CTR and his 144,000 friends to get there?

    How would the 144,001 get their instructions to Brooklyn at the right time?


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