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  • jacethespace

    This is a very good video on the connection between jws and depression talking to an ex elder and an ex circuit overseer who is a phschologist and while a co he spent time helping people in the congs with their depression.And started to discover just how linked mental illness and jws watchtower control is.Well worth watching.


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  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Thank you, jace:

    This video was well worth the hour spent watching it - actually, listening to it was sufficient. I wish there were a newer and updated version (this one is approaching 30-years old). The basic facts and truths expressed are, nevertheless, timeless.

    One individual JW suffering mental problems burnt all his furniture (much of it from Salvation Army) and personal items because of suspected demonic influence. He was finally convinced to go to a doctor and learned that he had a brain tumor. Delay after delay in finding a surgeon who would operate without blood cost him his life: he died enroute to the hospital.


  • Layla33

    If I had the time I would like to do some research on this because I have lots of information on just what I have seen through out my life in this organization. It was rather high.

  • dogisgod

    Yes, It is rather dated. I just couldn't look at the suits, sofa and lamp. It was like a bad flashback. Where are these guys today? Psychology has a lot more to offer now. More insight, more case histories. Is someone working on this now?

    Thank you for posting this. Wish I'd seen it 30 yrs ago.

  • freedomfighter

    From personal experience i strongly believe that being "Brought up" as a Jehovah's Witness is extremely hazardous to the persons mental health. In fact i now view it as a form of child abuse - Mental, Emotional and Spiritual abuse.

    As a child you are "Made" to go out knocking on doors ( Which terrified me)- You feel alone at school and an outcast- As you become a teenager you have to suppress all these feelings you have( If you act on them, you are in "BIG trouble") . You are "encouraged" to get up on the Platform and give a talk ( As a young fella i would rather die! Used to stand there shaking!) i could go on and on............

    Anyway, My son will not go through what i had to. I want him to think for himself.


  • VoidEater

    Anyway, My son will not go through what i had to. I want him to think for himself.

    Bless you, FF!

  • cultswatter

    how do you extract wav clips from these videos???

  • yumbby

    I was so shocked to see this thread. When I was about 17 my mentally unstable mother burned every stick of furniture in our house because it was aniques and she was sure we had inherited demons with it somehow. As we were watching it burn she kept asking if we could hear them scream. uhhh. there was no noise but the crackling of the furniture. The neighbors called the police but they couldn't do anything because there is no law against burning your own stuff. My dad was completely flabbergasted when he got home. oh, the memories.

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