Now that you are OUT instead of REACHING OUT

by Honesty 16 Replies latest jw friends

  • flipper

    HONESTY- I feel a lot more freedom of movement in my life and the opportunity to accomplish a lot more. I'm certainly not reaching out in a "cultish" religion anymore- but feel I'm reaching out in a better way in order to help people get encouragement after exiting the cult " Jehovah's Witnesses". It is a lot more fulfilling than turning a time slip in . And my wife and I enjoy the freedom of not being controlled by a cult, so e can truly explore and enjoy life

  • WTWizard

    Having the end of the month come without worrying about having to go out in field circus just that once so I could have something to turn in. And, not having to worry about getting up for a damn boasting session, taking time off work to attend the big boasting sessions or race to get a room for the Grand Boasting Session, or arranging to be at the Supreme Wastefest (the Crapmorial).

  • worldtraveller

    Could I ask if anyone during the walks in field service actually found it worth doing -that is converting anyone at all? Or was it just poluite door slamming?

  • megaflower

    GREAT! I use to have such anger but Iam learning to let it go. It just takes time. I actually look forward to each day. I use to look at the days as meeting days and nonmeeting days. No life befor, so consumed with pleasing "the Society".

  • Honesty

    Pretty much what I expected to hear.

    It gets better Zero.

    Just take one day at a time and rememer the cult had a lot of years to constantly to screw with your mind so you can't expect the Jehovah's Witness crap to get flushed away all at once.

  • prophecor

    It's really weird having to interact with the rest of the world. I come off as strange from the gate, and then, its only magnified once people get to see who I really am. Then, if I just allow life to kinda' just happen, it has some truly wonderful moments, intermingled with a bit of anxious nervous tension. I hop on the right wave, and everything begins to settle out. I begin to blend, like a chamelleon, I kinda' take to, as well as, take on the energy of the group. It's really kinda' nice, often times.

  • jaguarbass

    I've been out since 81. I cant immagine in this day and age where people have to work 2 jobs just to make ends meet how anyone would have time for all the nonsense of being volunteer salesmen for a pulp religious litterature printing company.

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