Were You Ever Snubbed In The Hall & Didn't Know Why???

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  • minimus

    If you are snubbed and you approach the snubbers, what will they say?? Even if they make a show of saying hello, who cares?

    But we know this would never happen in Jehovah's "loving" Organization.

  • stillajwexelder

    I remember a brother being snubbed. The prettiest girl in the congregation started dating him. The school overseers son wanted to date the pretty sister but he did not even get a look. All the elders and their wives snubbed him

  • R.Crusoe

    This is their ultimate POWER point. Those in power can wield it at will to steer any attention off themselves. I seriously suspect the most squeaky clean and spiritually ambitious are expert users of the shunn and snubb system in keeping negative attention away from themselves and their reputation. Anyone else is fair game to preserve their 'political' standing. And those 'fair game' will never know where all the silent banter arose. It will weaken their vigour and spirit because they will be totally confused by it - which will then appear to justify any initial suspicions.

    I am sure that long standing control freaks have used this technique to control generations of newbies who naively know no better and truly believe they are amongst Gods people! A foolish notion for the unsuspecting to walk willingly into the WT quicksand and see them oggle as you sink!

    True love has seen no knife as sharp cut up its heart as WT athame!

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    Funny how some ppl think it’s better to throw a jug of cold water over a person than ask if the gossip she was supposedly perpetrating was actually true.

    BTW, the cold jug of water was nothing compared to the other stupid things Ellani used to do. Like grab my steering wheel while I was driving and trying to turn a corner. We almost had an accident. And she wondered why I didn’t want to socialise with her.

  • minimus

    Huh? Broken Promises??

  • yellow

    This is hilarious, acting like big kids comes to mind

    I was very friendly with a sis in the hall and for some reason she dropped me like hot bricks. I noticed a few others were treating me the same. I hadn`t done anything wrong to my knowledge. It was only later I was aware of a certain sis always talking to others and trying to get my viewpoint on certain elders etc. I never said anything negative and kept the conversation upbuilding. It then dawned on me what was happening she was spreading wee stories. To make sure of my assumptions I told her I was madly in love with a certain elder (by the way he was 20 years older, wrinkly and very arrogant a bit of a buffoon) I sat back and waited and watched, said elder started eyeing me with curiosity and talking about how he would have a full head of hair in the new system, dressing in coloured shirts etc, you guessed she had told him!!! I laughed for weeks, and found her out, avoided her like the plague.

    After I d/a I heard she was councilled for causing divisions and spreading gossip by the elder I was so in love with.

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    Minimus, I’m referring to Page 1 of this thread.

    My rebuttal of LaniB’s allegations against me are in this thread, which she started: http://www.jehovahs-witness.net/jw/experiences/130977/1/By-their-deeds-you-shall-know-them-aka-JWs-who-aint-that-christian

  • LongHairGal

    Reading all these accounts makes me feel glad I wasn't alone in this regard. Over the years I had my experiences of being shunned, either for long or short periods of time. The reasons varied: I was either too outspoken, some brother was paying me too much attention, or I didn't follow the advice of some spiritual giant and was therefore deemed to be 'bad association'. In all these cases, I never approached anybody to ask why they were acting in a certain way towards me. I wasn't playing this game and wasn't humoring anybody's arrogance.

    It is certainly true that you can receive better treatment by so-called 'worldly' people. While 'worldly' people can be abusive sometimes, at least you expect that to some degree. However, when you get the knife in your back by a so-called 'brother/sister' the feeling is worse because you don't expect this sort of treatment from these friends. You are told you are in a christian 'brotherhood' (what a laugh). With friends like this, who needs enemies?

    Anyway, I came to the conclusion that people have a right to 'shun' me if they like. You don't want to say hello? Fine. What I DO have a problem with is if these same people think I am going to help them when their so-called spiritual friends are not around.

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