Are Seventh-Day Adventists a better Church to belong to than being a JW

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  • villagegirl

    I attended the Saturday Sabbath meeting of the Seventh Day Adventists

    and found them to be very kind, non judgemental, and very pro-food.

    They serve a potluck lunch, eat organic and are mostly vegetarian, but

    they do not condemn meat eaters but they do avoid pork and follow some

    Jewish dietary restrictions. They are very big on education, on their children

    becoming doctors and nurses and any other profession and they run hospitals

    and univerities and clinic and do overseas misiions to build housing , put in wells

    and provide medical care. They also have a very touching custom of washing

    each other's feet, its in imitation of what Jesus did, wash his disciples feet.

    The family I knew, grew their own vegetables, made their own clothes and

    went on long walks on the Sabbath. They were excellant parents and good friends.

    Ex-Jehovah's witnesses will feel very at home with their doctrines and philosophy

    without the mean parts of the WT beliefs and - women are very much respected

    since their prophet is a woman !!! Yeah

  • LisaRose

    My grandson went on missions to Mexico to build churches, that was a wonderful experience for him. He grew up to be a very well behaved and loving person and I think some if it was the religion. I do think he got a decent education, with only fifty in his graduating class, everyone knew everyone, many of the students were together from kindergarten as he was, it was very different from going to a large public school, much more personal, he was quite popular. The youth pastor did a lot of mentoring which sparked his interest in the ministry. I don't think his SDA experience hurt him in any way, I just don't know enough about the religion to recommend it. Possibly for someone who wants something similar tothe JWs without the more extreme beliefs, it could be a good fit. Every religion has some odd beliefs, that's for sure.

  • steve2

    SDAs are "profood"?! Only if it's vegetarian.

  • barry

    Here is a movie that got to the higher ups. It was shown to many congregations throughout the world

  • steve2

    Thanks Barry. Must watch this when I am home. BTTT

  • sd-7

    A lot of exJWs need an answer to "where else to go?" and some people seem to need to belong to an organization.

    Then they need to check their premises. If they're still asking that question, then they probably still haven't shaken the indoctrination of the WT. It was never meant to be about belonging to some specific group--that's what the WT wanted people to buy into. It was supposed to be about the relationship with Jesus and his Father.

    On the other hand, if one chooses to be involved with a group, well, best to learn about cults first and then do some research on any groups you're interested in. I can't see any good reason to go with Adventists, based on even a cursory perusal of their basic information. One can do good works without religion being involved, after all. And a religion that happens to do good works is not by definition necessarily honorable. Would the same people do the same works if there were no God involved? Important question, if you ask me.

    But really, is it that hard to find a group better than JWs? Probably not. I wouldn't recommend the SDAs just based on the belief system, it just sounds suspect to me. Whether or not there is any destructive influence being used on its members, I wouldn't know about that.


  • LV101

    SDA's believe in the trinity and are fast growing. They are not a scum religion like Watchtower. They are one of the "blue" zones on the earth as far as longevity. The Loma Linda community in southern California is rated #2 in the world for longevity. They have an incredible hospital called Loma Linda in the Redlands, Ca. area. Big on education - especially the medical field. Compared to the JW religion it's perfect.

    I have friends that live in that area and think extremely highly of SDA members and have many good friendships. I told my friends they're closely related to JW's in their beliefs and they comment they don't care - they're the nicest, best, people. Have another friend working on her doctorate there and she's mainstream xtian and all she talks about now is the SDAs and their great mental/physical health. Probably that one day off a week to rest/regroup doesn't hurt. They are very conscientious about their exercise - many in that area are marathon runners. As far as I know they don't look down on people of other religion like the Watchtower cult.

  • barry

    Here is a video of a traditional SDA comments about the SDA doctrine of the investigative judgement which is sort of like the 1914 JW doctrine. He shows a video of Desmond Ford a contempory of Ray Franz. Please note Desmond Ford is speaking in a SDA church 28 years after his sacking. I believe it is a university church. Des is an evangelical as you might think and he has a good theology in my opinion. Des is also regarded as an apostate by some SDAs

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