Confidential Body of Elder Letters from 1981 through 2006

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  • daniel-p

    Nice. I'd really like to get my hands on those missing '99 letters though.

  • Fatfreek

    If a move to a more friendly hosting location becomes necessary the following may help:

    15 Territories Flunk U.S. Copyright Rules
    Publication: Billboard
    Date: Saturday, June 12 2004
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    While seeing some improvement, the United States has given failing marks on copyright enforcement to 15 territories around the globe.

    The newly issued Priority Watch List from the United States identifies Argentina, the Bahamas, Brazil, Egypt, the European Union, India, Indonesia, Korea, Kuwait, Lebanon, Pakistan, the Philippines, Russia, Taiwan and Turkey as being
    deficient in intellectual-property rights (IPR) protection.

    "Americans are the world's leading innovators, and our ideas and intellectual property are a key ingredient to our competitiveness and prosperity," U.S. Trade Representative Robert B. Zoellick says, explaining the gravity of the offenses.

    Presence on the PWL indicates that the United States is expecting radical action on copyright protection.

    If no improvements are seen, the offending nations are moved to the Priority Foreign Country list and face trade sanctions. Such is the case with the Ukraine, which has been a PFC since 2001.

    Egypt, Kuwait, Pakistan and Turkey were moved up to the PWL this year from the lesser Watch List. No countries came off the PWL.

  • JK666

    I am in awe.

    Downloaded, and am printing on hard copy.

    You guys rock!


  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Thanx so much. I bet the GB would like to hang you, elsewhere!


  • Dagney

    This is sooo awesome!

    Thanks for all your hard work!!!

  • Dismembered

    Greetings Elsewhere,

    You guys are nothing short of amazing. ^ 5's & thanks to all who had a hand in this daunting task.


  • TooBad TooSad
    TooBad TooSad

    I am really impressed by your hard work!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The Borg is going to freak out.

  • doinmypart

    Great job to everyone involved.

    I have PDFs of some 1999 BOE letters. I will get them to Elsewhere.

  • DT

    This is limiting the WTS ability to communicate privately with it's elders. This could have a profound effect. If we limit what they can say, we limit their power. I have already found cases where they make a public announcement of how elders handle things, but redefine the policies in their secret letters to the elders. I will be making some separate posts about this and hope others do to.

  • VoidEater

    On July 1, 2006 they tell elders to send a letter to congregations where child molesters are moving to - but only when that person's privileges are still restricted. I guess if you get back into their good graces, you can move on to pounce again with out warning!

    Also, they tell elders to not forward any correspondence on child molesters that they have received from the branch office they SHOULD NOT (emphasis theirs) send that or any copies of it to the new congregation. CYA, anyone?

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