Taking the kids to watch fireworks forbidden

by freedomfighter 13 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • chickpea

    every event that hosted fireworks in our community was attended by my kids, with usu their dad taking them, or as a family..... we sat close enough to have the debris from the pyrotechnics rain down on us!!

    had bro theocratic mentioned that it was too worldly ..... pretty sure we would have sat closer still.....

    brain dead killjoys

  • R6Laser

    Why do people keep listening to old men? Here's a solution, if your conscience allows you then do it! When asked why are you doing this I would always say, well I thought this was a conscience matter and my conscience allows me to do it. Nothing simpler than that.

  • freedomfighter

    Thanks for your comments. The watching of fireworks from the roof of Bethel must surely be wrong too hey!

    Having fun must be a sin. Man i'm a really bad person.

    Happy New Year to all in JWD. I appreciate your postings and your different points of view.It really is refreshing.

    O.k that's enough mushy stuff

    rock on


  • WTWizard

    I wonder when they are going to put a stop to people going on the roof of Beth Hell to watch the fireworks by putting alarms on the doors or by having everyone assigned to get up at 4:00 in the morning for field circus the next day. For sure, they cannot have any entertainment at Beth Hell.

    I can remember one year (2006) when I stayed up to watch the fireworks. Everyone else was stuck in the Kingdumb Hell for that damn boasting session. I got a pair of binoculars and looked out my window. I could thus see the fireworks nicely, and I watched the whole show without having to deal with the drunk drivers and congestion nearer the site. I bet the hounders were pxxxed because I didn't go to the boasting session on the Fourth of July.

    No, I didn't go to the boasting session on Christmas Day, either. Even though I had that day off.

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