Tommorrow's Daily Text - this made me so mad!!!

by breakingfree 32 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • erynw

    Friggin load of horse shit!

    What makes me just as mad is the google ad at the bottom of the page advertising asian wives!

    Guess the word "submissive" was used too many times!

  • mentalclearness

    How sad it is that many wives in an abusive relationship will wait forever for their husbands to change and wake up seeing their christainly example......meanwhile exposing their families to traumas that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. I know one sister whose husband was removed as an elder and the df'ed for abusive behavior towards her. And then they publicly reproved her for not going to the elders about it sooner...She did go several times but always back down at the last minute because she would get SCARED.......What the hell is wrong with these people???????????

  • Tara
    How many JW women would have stayed with their abusive husbands over the years because of stupid comments like this. And in the meantime also subjecting their kids to an unhealthy environment.

    I was married 18 years to a physically, verbally, emotionally, and sexually abusive husband. The last 10 as a JW. He became even more abusive when I joined. I was SPECIFALLY told NOT to leave him, NOT to call the police (as it would bring reproach upon Jehovah), act like the "fine" wife in Proverbs, win him over without a word, etc. In 1995 I separated from my husband. In 1996 I DAd myself from the "loving congregation" full of the "happiest people on earth".

  • BreakingAway

    I always hated hearing examples at the Assemblies and Conventions when they would have a sister get up there and tell the story of how she was abused by her husband but just kept going in the hope that he would "come into the truth" or to "set a good example".I felt it was not only irresponsible and disgraceful for the Society to do such things, but sadly the sister herself was, in effect, endorsing the idea that women should stay with their abusive idiot husbands ! And , of course, the elder conducting the part would state what a good example she set for others to follow.That's right, recommend that some poor sister gets the crap beat out of her and the kids so the corporation can continue to get new door knockers !

  • Dismembered

    One side note on the "submissiveness" charade Watchtower attempts to promote. One really not need worry in that, it's one of Watchtowers doctrines that's get promoted as a cornerstone teaching, but, rarely or never is it ever practiced.


  • VoidEater

    And so it goes...this has been in my awareness since the mid-60's, and the same tired garbage has been trotted out, along with "wait on Jehovah" to put things right.

  • 5go

    Shameless plug for an idea I have.

  • Snoozy

    When my hubby was dying..they sent a very old guy out to visit was the only one they could spare...and he was almost completely deaf.

    Well his idea of upbuilding my hubby was to read him the daily text...hubby was too weak to talk and this guy was practically deaf he thought he would just read to huuby. Well the text of the day was about a woman's monthly menstral cycle...

    When he started reading that my jaw dropped open..I couldn't believe he was reading that to a dying man to uplift him. Hubby wasn't paying attention anyway but I was still appauled.The stupid text even went into detail...I would have stopped him but he wouldn't have heard me...

    Then I loudly had to remind him to please say a prayer for hubby before he left.

    Idiots!...No one else came to visit him...He died thinking Jehovah was punishing him by not having anyone visit him because he didn't go to the meetings regularly.

    I got rid of all his books except his bible later...good riddance to bad rubbish...


  • Finally-Free

    I never read the daily text even when I was a believing JW. I felt that it was too intrusive into my personal life. I wanted to wake up, eat my breakfast, and have my coffee without organizational intrusion first thing in the morning. Naturally, my then spouse thought I was "unspiritual" and a "poor family head". She quietly read it on her own.

    To this day I cannot figure out how obeying an organization can be considered "taking the lead". To me it sounds more like following someone else's lead.

    My mom stayed in an abusive marriage to an "unbeliever" for years. She finally decided to separate from my dad when I put my foot down and told her I would no longer stand in between them to prevent them from killing each other.


  • jgnat

    Hey, some of us get to hear it anyways, as much as we'd like to toss it all.

    I like to hear about it because it gives me time to prepare.

    I'll simply tell my husband he has to put up with me because he has to be a good witness. So there.

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