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  • cantleave

    I studied part time whilst I was an elder (at Bournemouth and Southampton). I eventually earned a masters but I wish I had gone to University full time and enjoyed all aspects of uni life. Full time students enjoy an experience that builds social and interpersonal skills and that helps prepare for professional life.

    If you don't take the opportunities open to you now, you may regret it.

  • ivanatahan

    I've already missed a lot of opportunities (compared to other students my age). Hopefully I'll be able to do more in school and outside to be able to look more appealing to the admission tutors at Oxford. My mom now seems only concerned about the distance between my parents and me, money, and "where I can go out in service". Unfortunately my parents are more cautious considering my sister, though still a JW technically, doesn't go out in service or meetings after going to college and getting an internship at a major accounting firm. We'll see, but hopefull the forces of the Universe can help me fulfill my dreams to go to Oxford.

    On the topic of why PPE, I've looked at many courses and since I'm not exactly sure what I want to be (a politician would be great, but a lot more other careers also look appealing, so I'm confused about what I want to do), PPE covers a whole range of careers under my range of interest, so it looks great for me.

    Also, the Watchtower does have its own "university" - Gilead and other theocratic schools. No way in hell am I ever even going to think of going there.

  • cantleave

    the Watchtower does have its own "university" - Gilead and other theocratic schools.

    Comparing Gilead to university is like calling a paddling pool an Olympic swimming pool

  • ivanatahan

    "Comparing Gilead to university is like calling a paddling pool an Olympic swimming pool"

    True, but many JWs take pride in their "higher education" at Gilead and the other theocratic schools.

  • snare&racket
    I went to a Russell Group Uni, bit different to window cleaning....
  • snare&racket
    Gilead is no university, it's a graduation of loyalty and indoctrination.
  • SonoftheTrinity
    My sister goes to Cal Berkeley and she says there is a Jehovah's Witness 'club' on campus. I know its not Ivy League but its the best on the West Coast. Neither of us are dubs by the grace of God.
  • Vidiot
    My mom went to UVIC.
  • MTSman
    Dude, PPE is one hell of a major. I go to one of the three Ivys that offer it. It sounded so interesting and unique so I declared the major. First semester kicked my ass. Don't know how Oxford is but at Penn, the curve on the tests are just unreal. First test got a 86. Second, 53 and the final 21 and still got a fricken A-. Once you pass the core classes the interesting stuff begins. I majored in PPE and minored on English lit, graduating with 3.45 and got a finance job on Wall Street starting at 80grand. Mts. ain't give me that! Good luck and stick with it. There will be nights you're going to feel like giving up...don't. And don't listen to your crazy family.
  • confuzzlediam

    I am 44 and last summer I finally got my GED and started taking college classes at the local community college. I was DF'd 5 years ago and filed for divorce last June from a 25 year marriage. I had always wanted to go back to school, but was busy being a stay at home mom for 20 of the 25 years. When I left, I knew what I needed to do and wish I had done so much earlier in life.

    I am in my 3rd quarter and I am BLOWN away by what I have learned so far!! This quarter I am taking 4 classes, one of which is a philosophy class called Critical Reasoning, and another is a US Government class. The critical reasoning class is SO insightful, although I do end up with a major headache after class and while doing the homework (which is a TON). Because I was raised as a JW, I never knew much about how our government ran. SO this class will also be a good one for me.

    Another class that my community college offers is Comparative Religion, one that my philosophy teacher also teaches. I WILL be taking that in the fall!! Can't wait to dig into all of the different religious teachings!

    If you have the opportunity to go to Oxford, I would say that would be an opportunity of a lifetime...in my opinion. Learning more than what the org teaches is life changing. But I would certainly say that is a change for the better!! Good luck!!!!

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