Zone visit meeting Australasia region 7th march...

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    There is one thing that is a certainty about that talk, the brother did not have a higher education.
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    Here are the key points that I remembered.

    At the very beginning of this meeting we were told that no recordings are to be taken and any notes we make are for our personal use only and not to be made available to anyone else. Is this really how Jehovah wants his knowledge of truth treated? Keep it to ourselves? Hearing this I knew there must be something in one of these talks that they don't want recordings of to come back to bite them in the future.

    After the WT study came a short video about the organization and how the new donations arrangement is working and that some 13000 more KHs are needed around the world. So you brothers need to give more money was the guilt message brought out in this talk.

    Then came the main speaker. Sorry not sure of his name, but he was aged and had a UK accent. His talk contained mostly experiences from remote area's of Russia. Experiences that sounded to far fetched to be true or they had to be modified to tickle the audiences ears.

    Now for what I believe to be the key point as to why they don't want recordings of this meeting made. During this same talk, he talked about the young ones and how they need to advance in the truth because it is you brothers that will be bringing Jehovah’s people on into the new system. It would be embarrassing for them if this audio was around in 50+ years and this system is still here. (Remember the 1969 awake article about young ones not growing old in this system).

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