anyone else from Philly here?

by badwillie 27 Replies latest jw friends

  • lauralisa

    Hey Bad Willie,

    I grew up in Philly... lived in center city for awhile. I love that town!

    Mike Pence... I lived in Florida for seven years, and almost moved to AZ after a couple of trips to Tucson and Sedona.... where are you?


    It's only water from a stranger's tear (Peter Gabriel)

  • ARoarer

    Philadelphia? Hmmm, is that where the Sanctuary is?

  • badwillie

    I've gotten some nice replies, anyone else out there?

  • mikepence

    badwillie...Holy Fucking Shit!!!!!

    Do you know DIM? I suspect he is related to us...Jeff K. is out also.

    lauralisa...we live in NW Phoenix, and head to the high country (Sedona, Flagstaff, Grand Canyon...) almost every weekend. Arizona is awesome.

    Mike Pence

  • badwillie

    Hey Mike! Jeff K is out that the Jeff K that is married to Dawn? Who is DIM?

  • mikepence


    Email or call me personally about this, I don't want to reveal anything here about anyone that might cause an unwelcome backlash.

    My work email is [email protected], my work phone is 480-774-4752.

  • badwillie

    Mike P,
    I'm gonna call you if my boss ever takes a break (ever watch Office Space?

  • closer2fine

    Mike Pence -

    Are you tall with dark hair? I think I remember a Jeff K too.

    I recognize your name from when I lived in Pennsylvania.


  • DIM

    lived in philly 24 years and 4 months

    moving to seattle on March 1, 2002.

    DIM is DIM - nobody else.

  • Bodhisattva

    Montgomery county representin' here. Oh, wait, no one in Montgomery County, just North of Philadelphia, talks that way. I know mikepence and, somewhat less, badwillie.

    DIM, based on your time spent living near Philly, I concur with Mike's conjecture (in a private communication) that both of us know you, your brother, and your long-ago tattooed parents. We respect your desire to keep your identity private; for family reasons, I choose not to use my real name also. Besides, you and most people I knew in years past probably wouldn't believe me if I told you who I am.

    Your neighbor,


    P.S. Good luck in Seattle

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